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Problems with my new Graphic card

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Pablomartino, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Hi folks
    I have been playing Rfactor for 4 years and now I've changed my graphic card.
    I bought a NVIDIA Geforce GTS450 1GB DDR5 and it works fine.
    When I play RFACTOR in Testing mode it's all OK except for some mods but when I try to play a race (offline or online) I had this problem...




    Anyone have an idea of what's the problem?
    I've tried everything I imagine could affect that: resolution, VSync, Antialising, oponents details, race details, shadows...
    But it still freaking me out.
    If someone had an idea please help me to fix it...

    Thanks in advance mates!

  2. Hello,

    It's driver fault when Nvidia made the original drivers, one of the mipmap clamps or something didnt work. Newer drivers after about April 2011 fixed it.
    So go to Nvidia's website and download the latest driver.
  3. i had the very same problem with my new nvidia card.. first i used the driver that came with the card from the box, but it didnt work to good, so i just downloaded new drivers and it is all fine now :)
  4. how about the infamous nvidia stutter, have you experienced that yet?