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Problem with Trees!!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by APROPHIS27, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    i have a very big Problem and have no solution and i dont no what is wrong, my Rfactor or my Track.

    So here is my Problem i made a little Track with a lot of trees, so in BTB i see all trees around my track but in Game i see no trees but in the car rearview mirror i see all trees hehe can anyone help me by this problem.


  2. Could it be that in the tree object Properties, their 'show in race' and 'show in qualifying' switches are disabled, while 'show in mirrors' is set to On? (Select some trees to find out)
  3. Thx for replay,

    so i set rf visible in all levels and set to Show in Mirror, no other is selected but its the same prob ingame i see no trees but in the back glass of my car i see all trees.

    sry for my English
  4. I made 2 screenshots to explain:

    boom001_as.jpg boom002_as.jpg
  5. hmm ok here my screens so you can see what i meen.
    its no other selected.
    prob1.jpg GRAB_003.jpg GRAB_004.jpg
  6. It should look like this
    einstellungen1.jpg einstellungen2.jpg
  7. Hi,

    thx for your replays i found my prob, my Grafikcard and DirectX Version was out of Date update all this and woila works i see all trees ingame and all others. :wink: