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PROBLEM: View Distance changes with the cars I drive.

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by aadilf1, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I have a problem which seems to have emerged recently with my Racer. Basically If I am driving my Nissan GTR or Toyota Supra the view distance of the map is turned to maximum causing a huge FPS loss (10-15fps) but when I drive another car like the Audi R8 Spyder the view distance is the amount I set it to and therefore having an average fps of 50-70. There must be something wrong with the GTR or the Supra... But I don't see why having a different car will affect the view distance of the map. If you guys know or have any idea why this is the case please help me. I do have a little idea that it could be the renderer folder causing these issues but it may not be the case.
  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hmm...maybe the different poly count?
    or a different usage of scripts? (not sure if scripts have effect to the fps...but i'm sure to the cpu or ram...so maybe the fps too...)...
    maybe a different quality of the textueres?
    maybe a different number of shader entres...and/or textures...

    so many things are effected to the racer performance....but no one knows what and how...

    The best way, i think, is to compare between this cars.....
    ini...is it at the same "level" will say...is the number of "fall backs" to the default ini the same?
    Number of shader entrees....
    Number of textures and they'r quality, resolution and extension...(dds, tga or jpg^^)
    Number of used scripts...
    Number of used models....
    and so on and so on...

    please give a feedback if you can find anything!


  3. :O I think I will just give up hope :D Or get another Racer download. The Cars were perfectly fine before but for some reason it just randomly came with this bug...
  4. Does it seem to effect the bonnet cam view as well, or only the through-the-windshield view?
  5. UPDATE: The bug only happens in Multiplayer, also the cars shineyness goes away leaving it unshiney.
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Problems should probably go in the "Problem & Fixes" section... :D
  7. Multiplayer is probably due to draw calls.

    Check how many draw calls are being made for a car. A really good well optimised car might be say 15-20 draw calls, but I've seen some with literally hundreds!

    Throw in two bad cars and it can cause FPS to go to a crawl.
  8. Sorry KS95, it was one of my evil techniques to have more people to look at the post if it was on the main page than in a sub thread. :D