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problem terrain blend HELP

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by avioni, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. i have used my 2 background images to blend with the terrain on the track all nice but now im getting an error when loading the track in the game. "error loading texture salinas2 for material grass264" "salinas2 is the name of the background image i blended. and then i get this error " error loading global material grass264"

    and then the game closes.

    this is the track with terrain blended.
  2. Make sure the texture dimensions are powers of 2.
  3. ahhh i tought so althoug i was hoping this wasnt the case. sinse this is the background i used since the begining for mock up purposes.. i guess i have to now spend sometime in google earth taking pics again and sizing to power of 2. problem is you cannot ROTATE the background image in BTB. is there a way to rotate the whole track? how would it be possible to allign a new baclground without being able to rotate it.
  4. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    You can rotate the whole track per degree, with or without the background image.
  5. i have a problem now, i have made the background image in 4 images of 1024x1024. and applyd them and blended them with terrain. the problem is i cannot delete the first background image i had because it says its still being used. so im still getting the errors when loading the track. error for the same salinas2 background picture.
  6. That's because some little bit of it somewhere is still being used for blending I guess
  7. You can turn off all blending by going selecting all faces and setting blending to None.
    Go to Terrain > Materials, select all pieces of terrain from the list, then click on all_faces.gif , then in the Blending section select None then Apply
  8. i cant do it!!!! they just keep saying cannot remove cause still used in blending materials. i have spent bout 2 hours with shift held and mouse draging all over the track selecting terrain faces. is there any way to auto select every face in the map?
  9. Try doing what R Soul said above - Terrain>Materials etc, then save your project, quit BTB, restart it, reload your project, and see if you can delete it then
  10. i was able do delete 3 pictures i have selected 7,712 faces out of 7,826 faces. the issue is i have looked every where on the map for this left faces but i cannot find them , zooming in to max cause some faces are very thin. so no way of selecting all face with a select all feature? the select all in menu doesnt select faces for me.
  11. If you want to "select all" from some area, first make sure that "Hide Unselected" box is checked. Then reaply materials and blendings. Repeat this for all areas. It is a strange issue, but I found this as the only solution for repairing errors like that.
  12. i gave up on it. ended up just loading a previous save and doing a couple of stuff over again then made the terrain in 2 x 2 size and now its working.

    was alot of work making this 2x2 terrain in small pieces and then joining them and that they alignd with the track perfectly. spent couple of hours on this. and the end result is not very rewarding. from far away it looks amazing very real but from driving position it all pixelated or blurry.
  13. Track rotation was mentioned in this thread, and some others I found while searching, but all i can find is people saying its possible. I cant find how to actually do it.
    avioni, did you work out how to do this?
  14. Go to this nodes.gif and then the Rotate tab.
  15. cheers rsoul.. i forgot about those rotate and scale tabs.