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Problem creating trackpacks

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Javier Bernedo, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hello

    I have created a trackpack with different tracks I already had.

    If I use this trackpack in a new rfactor installation, everything is ok.

    But, if I use this trackpack in a rfactor installation with those separate tracks already installed (like separated tracks) I cannot see the tracks in the trackpack. They only are avaliable as separated tracks. I cannot have twice the tracks, once separated and another in the trackpack.

    I would like to have both, separated tracks and the trackpack in the same installation.

    Could anyone help me?

    Thanks! ​
  2. I bet that without renaming you can't get two identical tracks installed in any game.. The trouble is that the renamed track will not work online and may cause conflicts with the unmodified track. I think that you are trying to create favourite track group, i suggest you try SimRacingManager, it's not very far from this post..
  3. I would use the trackpack for online championiship where everybody would use the same trackpack.

    And even renaming the tracks in the .gdb, rfactor knows it is the same track and only show one of them.

    What I need to know, I guess, it is what archive rfactor reads to know it is the same track, in order to modify it.
  4. To create a working duplicate in Race07 is that you rename .GDB, .TRK, .AIW, .TDF, .CAM and .HAT to what ever you want. Edit the .GDB to make new menu entries that correspond to the new filenames. .TRK don't need no internal edits as the folderstructure is intact, the rest work by filename. In rFactor the procedure is very similar, file types and names may vary.

    GDB= track overall parameters, location, menu entry, lightning conditions etc.
    TRK=Paths,Objects definitions
    AIW=AI Fastline, track corridors, fuel usage.
    CAM=TV Cameras
    TDF=Surface reactions, grip etc.
    HAT=HeightAtTerrain or something... Defines the drivable/collidible surfaces in x/z/y space or something... Only Race07 uses these, other games will do it when needed as it needs to match to the track EXACTLY in every new build....aaargghhh..
  5. ok, I have modified all the archives (and .gdb and .scn), adding an "1" at the end. Now it is in the trackpack, but when I load it, It shows "Error loading global material JUMBO". Any help?

    By the way, what archives are ".TRK" and ".HAT", I donĀ“t see anyone with those extensions.

    Thank you very much!
  6. Finally, everything Ok. You don NOT have to change name of .bik archives.

    thanks a lot!
  7. No problem. The more people know the more we know or something.