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Probelms with cars and racer

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by FredPES, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Hey,
    i like Racer, but I had many Problems with it. Racer 0.88b doesent work. There were 2 error Messages, when i go to select a car.
    Racer 0.87 works, but there were no cars for this version, I found 1 car for this version.
    And at last i need a graphics mod for the version 0.87.

    Maybe anybody can help me.

    My System:
    Mainbaord: ASRock Extreme3 R2.0
    CPU: AMD FX 4100
    GraKa: PowerColor HD 6850
    OS: Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium
  2. Currently Racer uses Cg for shaders in 0.88 which is an NVidia exclusive feature i.e. AMD, Intel & other GPU's can't run Racer very well. In the future Racer will be converted to use GLSL which should run on most fairly recent GPU's regardless of manufacturer.
    Possibly you can use the Racer_nocg.exe, which should render older cars ok, but then older cars may not have up to date car.ini's for 0.88 and handle strangely or not at all. It is very hit & miss currently, hopefully the future GLSL version will simplify things, and car & track creators will be more inspired to create & update older content. I myself just can't be bothered updating my contributions till Racer's a touch more stable feature-wise
  3. Thanks for the answer. Can you tell me, were i can get newer cars for version mayvbe 085 ?
  4. Have a look thru the Cars sub-forum, or a post there should be answered. I don't really know, I'm a track creator /dabbler, more interested in the nuts & bolts of Racer, traccionetessera (or similar spelling) website is mentioned often for cars if you want to do some googling
  5. I looked to Cars Forum, but i find no Cars. I search cars maybe Renault, Ford focus, VW and so on.