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Pro Or Evo to get?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Mehsar, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Hi there all,

    Firstly i thank Brendon for this magnificant utility.I've been reading the forums for a while and watching tut videos.At last i want to start building but i mostly use/race gtr2 so should i get the pro or evo version?İf i get the pro version can i build tracks for gtr2 or just the evo version is for simbin games?
  2. This is developer's choice as he rely on btb sales to get bread on his table for his family and make them lives...I think it's worth the money you'll spend on it! ;)
  3. I do respect what Brendon does and congratulate him for the effort he put on BTB.Iknow its worth the money and gonna get the evo for sure.Thanks for the reply.
  4. @ Mehsar:

    I bought EVO and it doesn't work properly, it leaves a safety car in the middle of the track so you can't make races with it unless you go and manually edit the files. I haven't checked if this was fixed in the lastest patch. I also bought Pro and race with rFactor and have no problems. Pro also gives you the option of exporting to RBR which is an excellent sim. So if you're willing to change sims, go for Pro. If you're willing to sit and manually edit your track with notepad, go for EVO. Otherwise they are exactly the same programs. Brilliant to work and manipulate things with. It's Colladae 1.4 compatible so you can make your own objects in Sketchup for free and put them in your track. If you have both you can load the projects you make from one program to the other and export to whichever version you like.

    Which ever program you choose you'll have hours of fun creating your own tracks.

    edit: took a project from PRO and copied it to the EVO projects folder. EVO still doesn't work properly for RACE07 (no pit stop crew), seems OK for GTR2. Will try more later.