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[PRL] GT3 Series Car Scrutiny

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Andrew Holmes, Apr 15, 2014.

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    Here is where the details for the cars that will compete in every season of the GT3 Series and the different specifications that drivers must abide.

    Season 1
    Car Regulations


    All parameters were tested before car set-up, in the same conditions and with the same tyres to ensure a fair test.

    Audi R8 LMS Ultra ‘12
    BHP: 600
    PP: 603
    Weight: 1350 kg
    Power Limiter: 95.3%
    Top Speed: 193 mph
    Silverstone Lap Time: 1:58.502
    Changes Made From Standard: Engine Tuning – Stage 3

    BMW M3 GT ’11 / BMW M3 GT2 Base Model ‘11

    BHP: 600
    PP: 600
    Weight: 1350 kg
    Power Limiter: 96.8%
    Top Speed: 194 mph
    Silverstone Lap Time: 1:58.430
    Changes Made From Standard: Mid RPM Range Turbo Kit

    BMW Z4 GT3 ‘11

    BHP: 600
    PP: 618
    Weight: 1350 kg
    Power Limiter: 94.3%
    Top Speed: 200 mph
    Silverstone Lap Time: 1:58.574
    Changes Made From Standard: Mid RPM Range Turbo Kit

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 ‘11

    BHP: 600
    PP: 619
    Weight: 1350 kg
    Power Limiter: 94.4%
    Top Speed: 201 mph
    Silverstone Lap Time: 1:58.368
    Changes Made From Standard: Engine Tuning – Stage 3

    Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 ‘13

    BHP: 600
    PP: 622
    Weight: 1350 kg
    Power Limiter: 88.2%
    Top Speed: 187 mph
    Silverstone Lap Time: 1:58.608
    Changes Made From Standard: Low RPM Range Turbo Kit

    Top Speed Range:
    14 mph
    Lap Time Range: 0.240 seconds

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  2. [​IMG]
    yisas lord
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  3. Can we use the Corvette??
  4. Corvette Z06 (C6) LM:
    PP: 588
    BHP: 585
    Weight (kg): 1290
    NOS: Prohibited
    Yup!! Those are the spec limitations :)
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  5. Andrew sorry to post this late but I believe things are badly mixed here. I know it's good to have a variety of cars but putting different classes will be detrimental, I explain myself:

    The SLS, Z4, R8 and GTR all belong to the GT3 class with minor pros and cons depending on many variables. But in general they are all the same with equal downforce and potential. After countless hours of online/offline racing in GT series the LM class is hugely outperforming the rest of the cars here. I was 7 secs faster in Silverstone with a non set up Corvette LM than with my "set up" SLS... :O_o: And of course it was expected, LM cars have superior aerodynamics in Gran Turismo.

    Similarly, anyone who picks the Ferrari will have a serious handicap as it is not a race car, therefore it has some downforce in the rear (less than 100 while all other cars have more than 500) and not at all in front; it is simply a tuned street car with rear wing which will have no future against the rest of the pack.

    I propose that if we decided to have a GT3 championship we should stick to GT3 spec race cars only and have equal chances.
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  6. Yeah right now the Corvette is one step ahead and the M3 also not so much but is faster too... Would nice to have more cars but...we need to balance them or race with GT3 only, even if, in my opinion the GT3 cars are also differents between each other but well suposly are balanced so we choose which is better for us and no problem... btw, if we play with hp, kg and pp why not keep the C6 and 458 just put it closer to be a GT3, and if we have some others better...a variety grid is always fun. (=
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  7. Ill have to trust u guys on this one since im a gt6 rookie still.. I will say I have been practicing a lot with the 458.. Last tech rules shaved about 4 secs frm my time.. But no matter how i tune it the grip is somehow nervous when pushing hard.. U have to be in the limit a lot to get consistent fast laps.. Testing the sls: Its so calm and stable!
    I was still probably going to run with the 458 since its just gonna make it more challenging and help me develope my gt6 skills!... Hehehe but now u guys got me a little worried ;p
  8. @Helder Filipe It could be an option but still it takes away the originality IMHO. It reminds me of some online races where we raced with DTM and some people chose the Toyota GT-One, cutting chunks from their hp in order to match the PP limitation and as a result they had a car that was overtaken easily during straights but was like a "train" while cornering.

    @Pablo Cortes It's like we pick a GTR race car and we give you a street GTR with a rear wing. It just doesn't fit and the two cars will never have the same capabilities with the same driver behind the wheel. The downforce is inferior in total and absent in front. Try it yourself!

    As the PP system is very accurate, taking into account, cornering, straight line acceleration, agility and many other variables in order to decide the PP number, I would suggest using only GT3 class cars, with PP limitation only (some will have perhaps a bit more hp but will surely lack sth else) and whether to use turbo or not. Two cars with the same PP will definitely have the exact same performance even if one is better at cornering and the other gains during acceleration or straight speed.
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  9. Yes maybe the right choice is to race with GT3 only...So Sakis you are saying if we find a 600pp for exemple between GT3 we get a balance between the cars, but if we put the Corvette for exemple also with 600pp easely the Corvette can be faster everywhere, right??

    Yesterday i did some runs with very diferente cars of the championship and one GT500 and another Touring Car just to see whats happen ^^ ... at Monza:

    Corvette Z06 C6 LM 1'42.9** - 569hp - 1290Kg - 588pp
    Impreza Super Touring 1'43.1** - 598hp - 1230Kg - 589pp
    NSX GT500 1'43.7** - 598hp - 1350Kg - 589pp
    BMW M3 GT 1'43.8** - 598hp - 1350Kg - 593pp
    BMW Z4 GT3 1'44.4** - 598hp - 1350Kg - 611pp
    Mercedes SLS GT3 1'44.7** - 598hp - 1350Kg - 618pp
    Nissan GT-R GT3 1'45.0** - 598hp - 1350Kg - 618pp

    After that i think it's hard too balance the cars, but maybe would be fun to discover which is best overall, since we are just looking for the times, we dont know who is the best in the consume both tyres and fuel, so maybe atleast the feature race of course we need to get the pace but we should count with the other things like fuel and tyres consume...
    To simplify the things we should choose the GT3 only, if we want to add some more cars (what is my liking :p but...) we need to get a good overall balanced class between all cars we choose for the championship!
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  10. Yes, that is exactly my point. It sounds a bit strange but the mechanics of the game are "preset" for different classes. GT500 class is superior to GT3 the same way LM class is superior to GT500 and so on.

    Tire preservation, fuel consumption, consistency and strategy is what I like most even if I don't do the fastest lap (I never liked that actually). To conclude, it's best for everyone to have an equal starting point and from there each one adapts his style and strategy according to the car characteristics.
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  11. Ok Ive been reading this and to be perfectly honest Im not happy with the way this is going anymore.

    A GT3 series should just have GT3 cars in it. Introducing all these different cars is just plain wrong. None of them are even. LM and GT are so much faster its crazy.

    If these other cars get used will there be classes or just one class? If its just one then the GT3 users will not stand a chance.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  12. Okay mate ill have a look and see what I can do mate, if we change things now I will add three more pre-season tests.
  13. Note: The following cars will participate in the championship in season one due to unequal performance.
    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3
    BMW Z4 GT3
    BMW M3 GT
    Nissan GT-R GT3
    Audi R8 LMS Ultra
    I sincerely apologise to everyone who was running cars outside these models.
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  14. @Andrew Holmes So it is the final decision about the allowed cars??
    So no adapted cars?? No Classes championship??
    It's only GT3, right??
  15. It is just the cars on the post I just made
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  16. probable simple question: whats the exact name of the GTR car because I have 3 gt3 cars just want to clarify which one
  17. Nissan GT-R GT3 nismo
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  18. what if any is the difference between the GT-R NISMO GT3'13 and the GT-R NISMO GT3 Base Model'13 I only ask because the Base model can have numbers on it
  19. no difference apart from you don't get the racing livery
  20. nvm
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