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Private Recruitment: WT Footage Collector

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hi there

    as you know i am doing the WT Highlights again this season but i explained when trying to do the season highlights last year i had sound issues (headphones not compatible with capturing software), so i am looking for a WT Highlights Footage Collector/Courier

    the WT Highlights Footage Collector/Courier Roles are to:
    • Collect Footage from Every Race this season
    • Make sure the footage (in your view) passes the medium quality threshold (45%)
    • and Make sure the sound passes a High Quality threshold (70%)
    this role is essential if the WT Highlights Producer (me) to produce the highlights in a quick but smooth manner
    you will receive full (if not most) support from me in aiding you to do the job in a reasonable manner
    if you are interested in this position email me at r.j.s.3@hotmail.com or pm here
    All Applicants will be rewarded with a possiblity (not saying you will do) of driving with Nemesis Racing (may need to ask James Peutherer first), plus promotion benefits through video views
    Thanks for Reading
    P.S. i do expect applicants to actually apply thank you
    Ron Squire
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  2. still looking for a Footage collector this job is important
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  3. I know a guy.

    He's called: Dr Do It Yourself
  4. Nick not acceptable please i did mention that my Sound and Video recording quality is terrible not to mention the FSR 2013 Mod on my rfactor always says Unknown Mod Name
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  5. Ron, do you know how HUGE is raw footage recorded from rFactor? If you want quality then you will have to record it by yourself. Otherwise files would have to be compressed so much for being able to be shared that when you edit them, the quality would be even worse than you get now. Sharing raw footage from games is just not viable (around 30GB per 15 minutes of gameplay, and just @720, a lot more at 1080p, and even more at 1440p).

    If you expect a good job, then you need a good machine, as video editing from games is not meant for poor PC's.

    Anyway, although you think you can do it, it is not viable to share this files at today bandwidths.
  6. ok carlos i will take your advice the Video and Sound Quality Threshold is not longer essential to make the job easier but i cannot record it on rfactor as i have troubles with the mod and i cant find a approiate Encoding Compressor for the recording on rfactor only e.g. divx or mpeg
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  7. I would love to have someone with a better computer to record the various clips I use, cause then it can be recorded in 1080p and look a hell of a lot better. But I have to just live with the quality I can, which is 720p. This computer isn't bad, its actually pretty good I think XD. What I'm saying is we have to deal with what we have :S.

    Carlos is right though, when using fraps to record my game footage, which I have been doing for over a year, 15 minutes is generally about 30 GB for my channel. And some of the stuff for rFactor I will record in its slow motion at about 120 fps so it can be really really slow motion, the file sizes are rediculous.
  8. Sony Vegas 10 adds a motion blur by default, and resampling is enabled for each clip. Sometimes I record shots with lots of cars on the screen together in slow motion, and then speed the footage back up again to achieve a higher frame rate. Having 2 hard drives helps too - one to run rFactor on, the other to record with FRAPS. I only use the default plugins for lighting (Glow, Brightness & Contrast). I record in 1080p, but with FRAPS set to half-size (blurs things a bit which looks better).

    This is quote from Simon Adebisi. Especially recording with half-size will help to increase the resolution/fps without experiencing stutters.
  9. ahh this helps thanks ;)
  10. this offer is back up as with FSR Going to RF2 after germany and i dont have it until next year when i feel it is ready and can afford it so i will still remain as WT Highlights Producer for this year and the next but for the second half i need a helping hand with capturing the footage thanks
  11. I don´t see anywhere mentioned that FSR is moving to rFactor 2.
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  12. However, we keep the option open to switch to rFactor 2 during the season if it is deemed ready by then. The calendar will be arranged to allow a long enough summer break to do so.

    this was said on the FSR 2013 Simulation Choice in the FSR News and Announcements Section
  13. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Either way I don't think it's wise switching the sim in the middle of the season, as most of the people are used to rFactor. It would simply feel weird learning the new mod.
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  15. ok after convining the that FSR is not moving to RF2 This year the offer is down and i will now say 'as you were' and continue on now :D