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PrestoGP Members Info (for broadcast)

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by David Turnbull, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Hi guys,

    can we all put a bit about ourselves so that Ron or any commentator that comes in knows a bit about us instead of them having to wing it, it doesnt have to be much just basic info :)

    I'll start us off :)
  2. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Name: David Turnbull

    Age: 37

    Location: Fife, Scotland

    History: Started sim racing with PrestoGP 15 seasons ago with Race07 and F3000 and have stayed with PrestoGP ever since, have participated in VWSR here at RD and various club races but PrestoGP is my only league experience. Won PrestoGP championship twice with Race07 and F3000.

    Equipment: Logitech G25, 3x23inch Nvidia Surround
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  3. Name: Nicolas Rouge

    Age: 37

    Location: Paris, France

    History: PrestoGP simracer since season 4 with Race07 (cars : F3000 & MMG F1) and then rFactor 2 (Formula Renault 3.5 & ASR F1 92). That's my only league experience. I never won a race, but I had an epic pole at Sepang under rain a long time ago (funny because I almost never practice qualify). Midpack runner..

    Equipement: Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 + Pedals V2, 1x27inch monitor, nVidia GTX 780, Razer Kraken headphone
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  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Name: Valerio Vinassa

    Age: 58

    Location: Torino, Italia

    History: Im (was) a biker and a monkey sidecar for 10years in hillclimb championship and after having hung up the helmet I cannot stay without racing so before some online crazy race with PS2 andToca but the true racing experience start from Season1 at PrestoGP mine best result in PrestoGP was 2nd place at Singapore with rain and F1 MMG but was time ago.
    Midbackpack runner, ambition rF2 and 24Hours

    Equipment: Logitech G25, 1x22inch monitor , Shappire R9-280 3G, totally handmade cockpit.
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  5. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Important addition to Valerio's gear: dont forget to mention the PC chassi with gas exhaust pipes!
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  6. Stenne


    Name: Sten-Ake Svensson (call me Sten)

    Age: 65

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    History: Did a number of years of simracing with Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix some 10-15 years ago with a joystick as controller. After many years of flightsim I found my way back to simracing early 2015 starting with Race07 and GT Legends. Soon found rF2 and although I've tried several other racing sims, rF2 is still my favourite. I also drive some GSCE and iRacing. Did my first on-line race in September 2015 at a RD rF2 club race. I mentioned on the RD rF2 forum that I liked formula racing and someone turned my eyes to Presto GP. They were kind to take me on and I joined for the last race of S15 and signed up for S16.
    So, I'm a true rookie in multiplayer league racing and will for sure be in the back of the field through out the season. My goal for S16 is to perform clean racing, improve consistency, take the car to the finish line and to continuously reduce the gap to the front runners.

    Equipment: Logitech G27 with pedals and H-box. GeForce GTX 670. Three monitor setup with nVidia Surround.
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  7. Name: Martin Floeck (original Flöck, but 'ö' is not supported from english language - so 'oe' instead :D)

    Location: Austria, Tyrol

    Age: 38 (body 60, brain 16 :D)

    History: I was racing from the very beginning with PrestoGP in season 1-3 with F3000 with some 2nd and 3rd places in race and a pole position.
    In season 14 we changed to F1 '07, but that was too fast for me.
    So I had a break from season 5 to 13.
    Then I rejoined in Season 14 - with moderate success :D

    Equipment: Logitech G25, 3x23inch Nvidia Surround (since this season)
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  8. Name: Artyom Aslamazyan (accents on last syllables, Ron pronounces it good :thumbsup:, very close)

    Location: Russia, Moscow

    Age: 38

    History: Started on-line racing in 2008 with race 07 and GTR2. Before that... first sim was '88 Grand prix circuit by Accolade))
    Joined Presto GP in season 2 and raced a couple of season till the end of F3000 era.
    I took part in many many on-line leagues on different sims, won some local champs and had some experience in FSR.
    Now i'm back here since season 14 with moving to rf2 and feel really happy)

    Equipment: Logitech G25
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  9. Name: Connor Sesto

    Age: 21

    Location: Ontario, Canada

    History: Can't remember exactly when I first started but I've been sim racing for about 3 years and was first introduced to F1 by the movie "Senna". Ever since I watched it I've been obsessing over all aspects of the sport. Got into simracing when I discovered the unique iRacing model while searching F1 videos on youtube. From there I got a subscription and fell in love with simming :inlove:. I haven't participated in many league races prior to this season with PrestoGP so I'm excited for what's in store :).

    Equipment: Fanatec Forza CSR wheel, Logitech G27 pedals, single monitor
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  10. Name: April Dillon

    Age: 23

    History: Started simracing in 2009 with Race 07. I didn't have any interest in racing before then, but Race 07 taught me how much fun it is. My first online league started in late 2012 had me racing a GT3 car in solo endurance races, some as long as 3 hours while sharing the track with an LMP1 class. My first season with Presto was S11 in late 2013, and I've been around for every season since. And during that time, I have reached the prestigious position of executive points counting person for PrestoGP. :D

    Equipment: Fanatec Clubsport V2 base w/ Formula Black wheel, Clubsport V3 pedals (new as of today :D), single ultra-wide monitor
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  11. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Name: Tim McIver

    Age: 37

    Location: Blackheath, NSW, Australia

    History: I started sim-racing with GPL way back when. I spent a lot of hours hot lapping and improving my GPLRank. My first real league racing was here at PrestoGP in Season 3 where I finished 2nd in the championship. I've managed to equal that a few times but never found my way to the top spot. Got married and had a kid along the way which has reduced practice time quite significantly! Still love to race.

    Equipment: T500 with heavily modified F1 Rim. Pedals are heavily moded inverted G25's with extended arms, load cell on the brake and bodnar cable. TrackIR. Triples running off crossfired 280x's (though sadly RF2 seems to run more smoothly with crossfire disabled). I'm pretty excited for Oculus but suspect we won't get good implementation in RF2 for quite some time. I'll be waiting though...
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  12. Name lee
    Hi all my good friend Martin Oconnor AKA cosie has been keeping on to me to sign up here as you are looking for help in media and that i might be interested in it
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  13. Martin Oconnor

    Martin Oconnor

    Great to see you finally signed up m8
  14. its all your fault marty ha ha
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  15. Name: James Price-Harper

    Age: 25

    History: I started playing racing games way back on PC with titles like Grand Prix 3 using a joystick. Then I went through all the standard console titles like the Need For Speeds, Gran Turismos, Forzas, Codemasters F1 games etc. I then came back to PC, trying my hand at all the big games. Race 07, Assetto Corsa, rFactor, Raceroom, Stock Car Extreme and more recently Automobilista and iRacing. Now, after some badgering from April, it's time for rFactor 2, which I like the feel of more than any of the previously mentioned games ;)

    Equipment: Thrustmaster T500rs, Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals, 25 screen setup in a dome configuration over my head... or maybe just one screen :(
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  16. jego


    Name: Johannes Melichar

    Age: 29

    Location: Austria (an other one :) )

    History: Started simracing exactly one year ago, my first game was PCars. I tried to get fast and high up into time trial leaderboards. Sometimes more successful then other times. Later that year I joined a league and raced a few races. However the bugs in PCars got more annoying for me and so I decided to get rFactor 2 a few months ago and here I am now.
    So far I have mainly done GT3 and streetcar races. Those high downforce open wheelers are pretty new and I have much to learn.
    I have been watching F1 since I can remember, thats why I decided the join presto, I figured I should sim race that cars that I enjoy watching the most.

    Equipment: Wheel, T300 GTE Wheel + F1 Wheel (got a great deal on this recently), Pedals: G27 with harder brake spring, TrackIR with one 25' Screen (on a stand so I can put it above the wheel)
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  17. Cosimo


    Name: Cosimo Streppone

    Age: 41

    Location: Norway, but I'm Italian

    History: Started simracing with Indy 500 and GP1 on the Amiga. Back then I didn't know that was simracing. I just enjoyed it a lot :) Fast forward many years, bought a DFGT wheel for Christmas three years ago, it had always been something I wanted to try one day. Tried F1 2012 and then Shift 2, and I liked it. Eventually I picked up rFactor 2, not knowing what I'd get into :)

    Since then, I've built my simracing rig, then a new simracing-dedicated computer. I joined my first league with the SR4L guys, did few races at RD, then SimHQ Motorsports, tried the first endurance races. At first I thought these guys were insane, doing 3+ hours, how can that be fun? Needless to say, endurance had me hooked. I decided I wanted to improve where I sucked the most: consistency. And endurance racing is most of all about that.

    In the meantime I created my own plugins for rF2. Among them, the DeltaBest plugin, appreciated by many rF2 users.

    In 2015 I was offered a GTE-AM drive for the VEC 24h of Le Mans with the SimHQ Motorsports team. That eventually led to a full season with VEC again in GTE-AM this year, where we snatched a class win in the 2016 VEC 24h of Le Mans and top 10 championship finish!

    What am I doing here then? :)

    PrestoGP came under my radar thanks to David O'Reilly. His setup threads on the ISI forums were awesome, and at the time he was racing here. That's how I got interested. The PrestoGP philosophy is very much in tune with my idea of simracing. I'd really like to improve my open-wheeler driving, and rF2 and the FR3.5 are the absolute best around.

    That came out a bit longer than intended :)

    Equipment: T500 RS with F1 wheel, TH8RS shifter, 24' triple screen and Obutto Revolution rig. You can read all about it here, http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/12780-Help-me-build-my-first-simracing-rig!
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  18. Name: Rikard Hedlund

    Age: 26

    Location: Sweden

    History: Started simracing.. well, I would say when I bought rFactor2 in 2012. But I have always been interested in racing titles. For instance, I played RACE07, Richard Burns Rally and even Grand Prix Legends with a keyboard many years ago. When I was just a boy, with other words. Of course I also drove lots of arcade titles :) Got my first ffb wheel (MOMO) for RACE07 but I didn't see it as simracing at that time. When I started with rFactor2 I swapped my MOMO wheel for a G27 because I was mostly interested in the historic cars with H-shifter. I'm still with the G27, and 4 years later I'm pretty good with the shifter and heel n toe technique. But now it's time for something different. I really need to improve my driving in the modern open wheelers... So here I am! The Renault 3.5 is definitely the best modern open wheeler mod in rf2, so it's perfect.

    The only league I've been racing with is SR4L, mainly because they ran the historic formula cars and had a good number of participants and was a very friendly community. Started racing with them in late 2012 and I'm still there.. Had many fights for the Championship title there but only able to take one, mainly because of bad working hours (truck driver) which prevents me from participating in a couple of races every season. That is also why I now decided to join two more leagues - simply because I want to do more league racing :) The weeks I can't race with one of the leagues, I can hopefully race with the other two instead!
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