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Power & Glory v3 - 'W.I.P.' screenshots and videos

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by DucFreak, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. DucFreak


    Not sure if P&G is well known around here so, perhaps, an introduction to the project, what it is, can be a good idea.

    But first we would like to 'showcase' some of the work in progress for Power&Glory v3.0:

    "So what is Power&Glory ?"

    Back in 2006, some crazy guys formed a group to get the kind of racing simulation that many dreamed of but that no game-developer ever did, or will ever do, due to legal and logistic constraints with licenses and assets for commercial products.
    There's a heavy background of Papyrus ''Grand Prix Legends' and SimBin 'GT-Legends' within the group, which influenced things immensely. This last mentioned title was perfect as base of resources to materialize an idea into GTR2, the definitive platform of choice for this project.
    This group of people formed a mod-team called 'GTL-Workshop', and the name chosen for the overall project is 'Power and Glory'.

    The idea behind this project is to produce 1960's and 1970's racecars as close as we can to the way they were in their glory days. Not "modern-historic" iterations, nor pretty "garage-queens", but the legendary true racers that they were then (still to this day).

    For that, we start by picking GT-Legends cars and modify them top to bottom, nose to tail, inside and outside, more or less depending on model accuracy and detail (in relation to the old-era counterparts and their variations back then) and, obviously, limitations.
    The cars have accurate details placed on individual basis (i.e, every single specific car, not repeats with different skins).
    These cars have completely new physics (based on carefully researched real data and implemented accordingly) and also sounds (engine, transmission and other vehicle-type sounds and effects based on recordings of the real cars), along with the mentioned extensive 3D and texture modifications faithfull to the smallest detail.

    The Power&Glory mod is for GTR2 but is intended to run separately from it (standalone mod), featuring new User-Interface (or game menus) as such, and even purpose made soundtrack.
    It is to be, as many usually call it, an "expansion" for GTR2, like a separate new game title.

    You can learn more about the P&G project through our website: WWW.GTLW.CO.UK

    Our third and final release is getting near, with many improvements and, finally, the long awaited 1970's racers coming with the next version, Power&Glory v3.

    Cheers! :)
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2014
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