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Posting Setups

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by nikh, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. I don`t know whether this is allowed, or even sensible, but I thought it would be great if people could post their favourite car/track setups here. Clearly it would be foolish to try and match every car with every track, so I thought the best thing would be to have separate threads for the most popular packs and Experiences.
    I have started one for the new DTM `92 pack. Head overe there right now to post your favourite car/track setup.
    Maybe there`s a better way to do it? I`ll give it a try with this one, and if there`s enough response I`ll start some others for the most popular packs, such as WTCC. There`s no point in me posting anything as I`ve only ever come last in online races :mad: and the experts might not want to share their secrets, but anyway, it`s over to you , or just post away. The more the merrier.:)
    Oh, just to make clear, I`m referring to the car setups in the Get Real mode, NOT things like FFB in the general options. Right, I`ll go now.
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  2. Great idea :)
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Excellent idea mate, thanks.
    Sadly, i suck at both driving and setting up, so i will be able to contribute nothing at all, but at least i can free load loads of setups:D
    Might make me a (bit) better anyway!

  4. I get the feeling that there won`t be many setups posted, but it was worth a try. Maybe I`ll put a couple more up for those that don`t have the DTM `92 pack.
  5. Ok might be a little bump in the road, but after looking at the setup posted in the DTM92 thread it shows values in metric (cm) but my values are in imperial (inches). Is there an option to change this?
  6. Phil Shillitoe

    Phil Shillitoe

    Been searching for a decent setup Dave - trawled through the DTM 92 post, but couldnt see the one that you mention......could you point me in the right direction please?! As for your question, not sure if changing mph to km/h might do it? Phil :)
  7. My team engineers do not allow me to post my set-ups.


    Kidding, I have no idea what I am doing, but I tinker about.
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  8. Hi phil
    Sorry i ment the values on my pc are in imperial, but ill post my BMW M3 setup in the DTM92 shortly. I tried the mph - kph and it worked :) although you have to do it in the main menu and then load up the pratice / race for it to update it.
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  9. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    If someone asks nicely we might be able to get a Setups folder like we have for the other racing games here, in which a single post can be made for each Car/Track combo for which a setup exists.
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  10. Phil Shillitoe

    Phil Shillitoe

    Cheers David :)
  11. I`ve noticed this now exists, but...as I said, I think attempting to post every possible car/track combo is a poor way of going about this. There are over 60 cars and 20 tracks, so eventually I`d have to scroll through the dozens of pages looking for the particular car/track combo I wanted.
    I set it up the way I did to make it easier.
    But still, it`s done now, so mine can just float off into the world of forgotten threads :cry:
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    You don't. Simply click the prefix of your desired experience and the forum will filter the threads for you.

    Then sort them alphabetically and voila ;)

    Also if one person takes the time to create one sticky with links to all setup threads you have a valuable document :)
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  13. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    We have posted a separate thread for a car/track combo for years in Race 07, for example, and it is the best way to do it.

    I'm too impatient to trawl through page after page of one thread trying to see if someone has posted the combo I'm experimenting with. As Bram says, it's easier to sort the threads.