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Post your Lap Times of 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Post your Fastest lap times of yours by Mentioning the Track, Car ,Difficulty and game mode and also Fastest lap by AI

    We Can Compare it with Real life times and F1 2011
  2. 1.21.7 with Caterham @Hungary in Time Trial mode ;)
  3. Forgot to mention it was with the default setup, I only changed the gears a bit.
  4. Any body raced in Valencia or Bahrain or Montreal or Singapore??
    Can you post your lap times please
  5. Just did a 1:42.5xx in time trial, for the racenet challenge.

    I've done 1:21.000's at Monza in the McLaren before, but that's the only two tracks I've actually practiced on.
  6. On which track you did a 1:42.5xx in time trail?
  7. It was for the RaceNet challenge, so Singapore XP
  8. Thanx mate
    I guess 1:42.5 in Time trail means we can go around Singapore in 1:45 to 1:44 with Tire wear on
    What do you think??
  9. Depends, I do 44's in race trim, when I was practicing for the Singapore GP last night, I ended up doing a low 45 on lap 29 of 31, so the pace is there, it's just down to the driver and setup.

    Qually is more likely to be in the 43 range. Although I think I could do a 42 if I underfueled but I have no reason to try because we're not going back to Singapore for a couple of months.