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Post your Charlotte Q time

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Onno Naber, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. 30.112 (setup used :http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/iracing-97/charlotte-q1-5136/ ,Not a real setup guru so any commends on the set are very welcome :) )

    (Getting back at it tonight,this "'new tire model "' is really addictive and its putting a :redface: on my face every time I try to puss the car more, don't know if i will make it into the 29 will see)


  2. Not sure if I'll do the race but I ran a couple of laps at qualy pace. Ran a 30.173 on the baseline, pretty sure with some tweaks a very low 30.0xx or a high 29.9xx is possible.
  3. I have done a 30.568 with your setup. Now I have to try to keep it on the track for more than 5 laps :)
  4. Hi James,Tom
    The 30.112 was more off a lucky shot I was really surprised by the amount off bite this NTM offers,so I posted up the vid for fun.
    I am still using the oval setup matrix made by Corey Riley, (although this car is different)
    Still working on a race setup that will keep me safe,and keeping the pace around 31 sec a lap (best result so far).
    Getting back at it tonight (after F1 Valencia,GOOOOOOO Button,lol)


  5. I gave this a shot last night and I ran a 30.043 in a test session with the baseline qual tape. However this was on the extreme edge of losing it in the corners. To put it simple I was not comfortable with the way the car was all over the place. If that would have been real I would have parked it and said you guys are crazy if you think I'm driving that... lol...
  6. Wow !!!,that's really fast,the lap I did made me hang on by my eyebrows...lol..,to bad the tires go off so quickly,on the other hand, you have only one chance at it at a race and that ads to the tension,but still great fun,
    looking forward to Monday!!
  7. ?? Where might this be found ?? Thx
  8. Wow you made it around 5 laps?? I only been able to do 2 :redface: LOL
  9. What is the "baseline" setup I heard people talking about today?

    And while I'm asking questions, is there any way to set the volume so that I can hear people talking better? If I'm in the car, I can almost never clearly hear people over the engine, and I don't have the engine volume up very high (engine, crash and wind are all at -3.0 decibels). I don't see a place to adjust the volume for chat though (and I can hear my spotter's loud and clear).
  10. The baseline setup is quite literally what its called. Go into the iRacing setups and load baseline.sto and you're then running on the baseline. Change it to qualy tape and it'll loosen it up a good amount and be a lot quicker for a couple of laps. If you can get it right low 30's are easily possible.

    To adjust the voice chat you'll want to bind the keys in the options menu. Do that then just turn it up, it'll tell you on screen what level you have it at.
  11. Done a 29.859 with this qual set. Seen people do better with it (a 29.7xx iirc)

    Added a decent race set as well.

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  12. Thanks Stuart faster is better :thumb:
  13. You're welcome:)

    That qual set is a 1 lap wonder though. If you don't get the time on your first fast lap you wont get any faster on subsequent laps.

    It has a tendency to get very loose coming off T4. You have been warned :tongue:
  14. Ok Thanks for the heads up