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Post Processing "ON" slower lap time?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Kristian Maynes, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Is there anyone who can test this? When my PP turned OFF, I was 1.5-2 seconds faster than with PP turned ON. The difference is when PP is turned ON my fps ranges from 59-65 and 100-120 when OFF but i was 1.5-2 seconds slower. I tried 10 laps turned OFF and about 20 when ON.

    Car Used: Ferrari 458 GT2
    Track: Imola
    Lap Time
    Post Processing ON: 1:49.811
    Post Processing OFF: 1:48.113
  2. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I think there is some imput/visual lag and that may cause this...above 90 FPS there isnt any noticeable difference in lap time...

    Test it this way...turn everything lower and let the PP ON...this way you keep high FPS,and see how is the lap times...:)
  3. Erg


    Try a 1000m drag, automatic gearbox.
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  4. Jempy


    Same statement as Kristian on 1st post.

    For our open race of this evening at my league, I tested a few laps on our prequal server.
    - PPE unactivated: half a second faster
    - 2 or 3 graphic settings lower than usual: another half second faster.

    Test made with a Sierra RS500 Cosworth on Sachsenring.

    PS: surely more noticeable on lower GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 ti 2Gb on my side
  5. you cant test it on drag because its just straight line. you need to test it on a race track. Im using GTX 750ti.
  6. Erg


    I made a clean install after having confusing problems with the game (I had similar problems with ATI HD 7850 2GB 256 bit gpu). Then, I only added sweet fx and mortal's pp effects, now everything is ok with maximum settings and over 50 car mods and 50 tracks.

    So I advice you to go back to the original system and cfg files, then reinstall only the apps which you decide are the best.

    You can also make a clean install to another hard drive and copy the indeed original files from there to your exact game directory (that's what I did actually) This will not cause any data loss (replays, records etc.)

    ps: I used a torrent version for second install.
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