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Post Process Editing - Removing Bloom

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Shadeshift, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I removed all the HDR "type" files from the Post Process folder and ended up with a much needed 12-14 FPS boost. However, the game lost all of its brightness and directional lighting. I would like to just remove bloom from the tracks "effects.xml" and see how this affects performance. What do I need to change to turn off the bloom effect? Also, what other post processing effects can be turned off using xml editing to improve performance but not entirely turn off the lighting engine?

    As a side note: A big problem I'm having is getting jumbled lines lines of text where the parameters should be after converting the effects.xml to txt file. I'm using the GUI front end for Binxml converter if that helps.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Not sure what type of video card your running. But why not just reduce graphics settings in game. Biggest things that effect FPS is shadows.

    Or if you tried to turn on DX11, you should really use tessellation so processing gets spread out between your cores which greatly increases FPS.

    hardware_settings_config.xml in the MyGames>FormulaOne>hardwaresettings folder, and hardware_settings_option.xml folder have some shadow and lighting size="xxx"... the bigger sizes usually have a huge impact on FPS.

    However, by using lower settings for shadows and lighting in the in game options would have the same effect as editing the files without the hassle of causing in game issues from incorrectly changing files.

    Now if you wanted to enhance the game, here is a good link:


    Works amazing on my system. But many people have glitches or don't modify there files correctly, then complain cause they broke the game haha.
  3. Well thanks for your suggestions. Although, reducing the graphics settings using the menus was the first thing I tried. My card does not support DirectX 11. So again, I'm looking into removing or greatly reducing unwanted HDR features including bloom by editing files that control post processing effects. One of which is the "effects.xml" file located in each track folder.
  4. I don't think the game is using HDR with DX9... In fact, the game installs to only use DX9. The only way to use DX11 is to mod the graphics.
  5. Ok, found the fix for you. Comment out the type6.xml line, and then use this.

    <xml processor="PostProcessPlugin" filename="postprocess/type6_noblur.xml" map="RENDER" pool="TEMPORARY" />
  6. What affect does this have on graphics? Just curious to know what I'm looking for, thanks!