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Post patch car performance seems wrong

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by perkins, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. After installing 1.01 official patch there seems to be developing a pattern of some cars are too competitive and others too uncompetitive compared to what they were when I played F1 2010 after it was launched and patch was still in the making. In my career mode I am into the first season's ending stage with 15 races done (just completed Singapore). I play on Legend AI strength and all assists off except the auto pit limiter as I was struggling badly with getting to grasp with it. So anyway, I happen to be in the hunt of the title and my main rivals are Alonso and McLaren duo. That's pretty fine. I don't expect a copy of real F1 2010 scenario in the game as it would be just boring. But the next competitive cars along with Ferrari and McLaren are Sauber, Force India, then Mercedes. Red Bulls are nowhere. Renaults are absolutely nowhere. Webber finished on podium twice and Vettel is 14th in the standings. Petrov had two decent scores but basically the Renaults qualify near the end and are occasionally outqualified by a Lotus. What's happening? I understand that it's perfectly possible that in the game the fastest car might be the McLaren just as possibly as it could be Red Bull because in real F1 season that could might have been the case if some things happened instead of others and I said I don't expect the game to simulate real F1 season 1:1, but I can't take it that when I play my career my rivals are Sauber and Force India and one of the most technologically advanced cars in the modern history of the sport is struggling in the midfield. There was also an eyebrow raising situation in Hockenheim where Kobayashi won and in Valencia where de la Rosa won, both Saubers dominating respective qualifying sessions. I can take that - Fissi did wonders in Spa 2009. But what's not acceptible is that Red Bulls are consistently beaten by cars that in real F1 are happy to finish in points more often than not...
    Anyone have thoughts about team performances after the official 1.01 patch? Maybe there are some mods that level out the field more realisticly? I'm not very much into downloading all there is and testing it out and then doing the career anew just to get a "realistic" result. I just want to play the game and see the season unfolding in a more or less realistic way.
  2. No thoughts whatsoever...?
  3. There are a number of database mods out there that will give you somewhat realistic results. I can't remember which one I have (I think it was called "Database with 2010 Results" but don't quote me) but before I started using this database mod any team and all teams were finishing in the points. Now the big three Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari (well more like Alonso) are where they should be at the front of all practice, qualifying and race sessions. Massa, Mercedes, Force India and Renault fight between themselves for any scraps the leaders leave behind. Williams, Sauber and Toro Rosso make up the middle of the field. Finally Lotus, Virgin and HRT bring up the real race after race. I have seen the bottom feeders (Lotus, Virgin and HRT) score the odd point on rare occasions. So they are not completely shut out. But it is definitely a fight between the two Red Bulls, two McLarens and Alonso in the modded database file I use. Of course I am only speaking of AI results. Driving the cars is different.

    So look around for some of these database mods if this is what you want.