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Possible problem with Time Synchronization in RSCenter??

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. I have a suspicion that RSCenter (RSRBR2010) may create time synchronization problems for our USA timezone Drivers. Last Rally, when Aaron and Rob tried to join the on-line Session, they both got strange mesages saying that their clocks were incorrect (or something similar). They both ended up having to reset their PC clocks to the Server time, and then getting RSCenter to synchronize for them. Very strange?? :confused:
    I have previously seen weird clock problems for another USA Member, so I am wondering if, maybe, that RSCenter has issues with timezones that are negative to GMT????

    So, has anyone else come across this problem?? Surely there are lots of USA drivers in Rallyesim's on-line championships?

    Secondly, I hope that Aaron might post how he solves this problem (not sure I have it exactly right).

    We may need to add this one to the RBR FAQ thread.
  2. Ah right, you asked me to post about that and I completely forgot, sorry.

    The fix that has worked for me is to go into your RSCenter settings and set your time to GMT +1 (the timezone of the server). When starting a session it will pop-up with "Your computer is not set to server time! Set to server time now?" or something to that effect. Allow RSCenter to set your PC time, and now your PC time will match the server time and you should be able to enter the session. After the session is over reset your time back to normal, the easiest way for me is to sync with an internet time server.

    I have tried all sorts of things to work around this, and some things have temporarily worked. In fact I recently reformatted and reinstalled my OS, and setting my timezone in RSCenter correctly worked for a good 3 weeks. Then I was back to setting it to +1 GMT or it will not work.

    Edit: You would surpised how few US drivers there are, I was the coach for the Rallyesim Nations Cup this year and I had to have them open it up to North America, and still had trouble filling the 10 spots for the team, only like 7 actually drove.
  3. Thanks Aaron, I've added a link to this work-around in our RBR FAQ list.
  4. I have someone on Steam with that problem, but he's already in the GMT+1 timezone :confused:
  5. Is he still having issues after the time change? I used to race online with some guys from the UK and they swore up and down the server times were wrong, they were GMT 0 but the server times were an hour off. They were forgetting GMT doesn't change for summer time, but their timezone did :)

    Edit: He is letting RSCenter change his time, even tho his time is correct? My time can be sync'd perfectly to server time and I will still get the issue if I do not let RSCenter do its thing and modify my PC time.
  6. He can't change the time via RSCentre, permissions or something. I told him to change the time manually, he said he did, but no luck.
    Told him to try running RSCentre with admin privileges, he then got some weird error.
  7. Interesting, I thought it had to be run as admin, but I have never tried to run it with standard user permissions.
  8. This is back for 2011, but appears to only be an issue for the Rallyesim Championships, not the public sessions. I was able to run our first club rally of the year without issue, but when I went to test the championship mode the timer counted down like usual, then when it got to go time the timer reset to -24:00:00 and started counting down another 24 hours.

    The fix is to manually set your computer clock to GMT+1 as well as setting the time settings in RSCenter to GMT+1. RSCenter will not do this automatically like before.
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