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Skins Porsche Team 2016 #1 & #2 for URD PX1 Darche 1.5

WEC 2016 Porsche Team Skins

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  1. schrep1964

    Premium Member


    The front of the cars are all black and not like the pictures you presented. Has something gone wrong? If I look at the provided template the whole template background is filled with the color black. Maybe you should check the upload again.
  2. Ah no, sounds like something has definitely gone wrong! Will fix it tonight. Sorry guys!
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  3. Hi All,
    So I used the S1 version to skin the car, the standard version looks at a different part of the map for whatever reason. In the middle of fixing this so should have the update for you all very soon.

    In the meantime you should be able to use the skin using the S1 version.
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