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Skins Porsche 962c Short Tail - Nisseki #100 1.1

1989 WSPC Suzuka, G.Fouche and S. Andskar

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  1. Good job mate, thanks. :)

    You should look into other skins and look for the "ui_skin.json" and "skin.ini" files.

    The first one (JSON) you specify the driver name, car number, team name and country. This then shows up in the sim. Just copy someone else json file and change the content.
    The second file (skin.ini) you can specify what color/style of helmet, suit and gloves for the driver and pitcrew. And there is already many styles and colors to choose from if you look into "content/textures". As you can see in someone else skin.ini file you go into for example "driver_suit" folder and then choose from one there (plain, sparco, type1, type2), and inside each of them you have colors for them. So in the "skin.ini" you write for example (copy a skin.ini from another skin and just change the style/colors):

    [driver_80] (this picks the 80's driver model. You can choose from different 3D models from "assettocorsa/content/drivers").
    SUIT=\type2\white (this is from textures/driver_suit/type2/white. So you specify just the last 2 foldernames for each).
    GLOVES=\ac_road\Red_black (do the same here and the rest below).

    SUIT=\type1\White_black (Pitcrew guy is in "assettocorsa/content/textures" as well).
    BRAND=\porsche (this is the brandlogo on the "billboard" behind the pitcrew in the pit. There are 2 porsche ones to choose from for example. Look for "brand" folder in "assettocorsa/content/textures").

    Sorry if you knew this. Just wanted to help out. :)
  2. Hi I didn't know about all that stuff, so thank you will have a look into it!
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  3. You're welcome mate! Yeah its really nice that Kunos added this. Before you had to make all that yourself and add into the skin folder (you can still do that if you want), but now we have many styles and colors to choose from making it much easier to put together a neat looking skin + driver. :)
  4. With so many template changes, it was a welcome addition to present something basic but acceptable to fill in the spots. Very few people did those before (so time consuming to get things lined up sometimes) but now it helps packages being released more complete.
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