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pointers please

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Nick Milton, May 23, 2015.

  1. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    im now understanding AC much more, and would like to now look at joining the events listed in RC events tab,

    q1, are the time GMT? im in qld australia, so 9 hours in front.
    when i go online in AC , theres list of servers, how do i find RC events? or do i need to join first?

    thanks, any pointers helpfull as i work this out :)

  2. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    Australian events have their own events and their own server. Times listed in the AU threads are in AU-based timezones as well.
    I hope you mean RD instead of RC when you mention events.
    When you are in the server browser you can change filter settings, make sure filters 1,5,6 are off and filters 2,3,4, are on (and turn on the DLC button, i believe this is filter 7)
    Then in the search bar look for "Racedepartment" and you are viewing the available servers.
    More information and signing for events are in the club event thread listed under the Racing Club & Leagues section.
    Please note that participation requires a premium membership!
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  3. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    yes RD oops!
    Thanks heaps.

    what is the teamspeak bookmark

    DLC appears to be filter 6

    ok server filters done, so can someone just run down the request booking etc bit. and i assume a password is issued?

    or is there a quick tutorial section?

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  4. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    Whenever you want to participate in a certain event you only have to say 'I am in' or 'Sign me up' or something alike in the event thread so that the host knows you want to join.
    When booking starts you will receive a PM on the forums with the password. Enter this in Assetto and press Request Booking.
    You should now be booked (you are when a small widget opens in the bottom left.)
    After Booking time has passed, the request booking button changes to a join button. Press it and you will be entered in the server :)
    On the Forums page is a widget for TeamSpeak. Click on RaceDepartment in that widget and it will load TeamSpeak for you. Only thing you need to do then is to enter the password for the TeamSpeak server which you can find here.
  5. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    Thanks Ricardo, done teamspeak, all good( no one there but)
    Went to servers, all good, chanted my name to my real name etc, servers for race department all said Netherlands? But maybe my time zoning is wrong for aus servers? I gotta just get on and see now, done a silverstone 8 lap earlier, don't know how I found it, it was RD, only one other guy, we raced the 8 laps, awesome, but haven't found any since, are the times in events, on left, are they GMT?

    Thanks again,
    Last edited: May 24, 2015
  6. The Aus server you will play on for a race event will likely only be put up a few minutes before the event's booking starts (or practise), so you probably won't find that server running during non-race event times. A few of the servers might always stay open regardless, and those are mostly European servers like the M235i cup practise server etc. As Ricardo said, the times posted in the event threads are usually specific to the event, so the times for the Aus events will be AEST, for Europe its GMT, for US its US-West or East time. You can Google these timezones to find out how they affect you, and then add a custom clock in your Windows to compare.
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