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please help a newbie out with mods

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Rick Fowler, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. hi all

    now i have just installed the game and would like to know what must have mods i should get to make this game even more enjoyable.

    my system is

    3 x dell 23" running eyefinity xfx 5850
    i7 860 oc 3.8ghz
    4gig ram

    mostly use iracing but fancied a bit of a change,so if someone could post what mods i need you would be helping an old guy out.

    now the fov i have already which i found off here


    so what are your recommendations then

    and are they easy to install as i aint no pc savvy person

  2. Well, for one I'd update all of the car models, with the superior ones on here. If you are going to be playing online, you need to be careful of the ai mods and the race track sponsor update mods. Those will prevent you from playing online. Other than that, the ai mods make career mode way more enjoyable. There are also helmet mods, but I personally have issues with them (getting them to work that is.) Also, pick up the rddev real tires mod. The best camera mod I found was this one... http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2010-misc-54/realcammod-v0-1-3680/

    Other than that, there's a bunch of other tweaks like the hud. Installation is all copy and paste, and everything has a readme.
  3. Personally I just a bit confused sometimes which folder to copy and paste to. For example - the 'F1 Root' - which one is that exactly?
  4. just download which ever mod you need... and replace exactly the same folders as in the downloaded file.. make sure you create a backup of your original files..
  5. The root folder is the primary folder "f1 2010"
  6. (mod delete this pls)
  7. I echo Mark, the first thing is change the car liveries and if your an old dog like me then there are a few of the old tobacco company's liveries. And again the camera mod is excellent I also use a tyre wear mod but not that one and the RDDev hud that makes the game feel a whole lot sleeker.

    All the mod's have a read-me for installation and they all say back-up said folder, to be on the safe side (like me lol) back-up the entire game folder then you have original everything of the game and if you have a problem and can not fix it, then just copy your entire game back-up back into your f1 2010 folder.

    If you get stuck just post here and anyone of us will help you where we can. These are only recommendation's so have a good look around and choose what tickle's your fancy!

    If you use AI mod's be aware that they will prevent you from playing online so replace the original's when you do go online also some mod's prevent you saving but that is easy fixed by replacing the original pre-patched flow.bin but this stops the benchmark facility from working but no big deal there lol.

    Have fun, Dave.
  8. cheers for the replies.i have installed the FOV so i can use all 3 screens the one from the link i provided,not sure there's a better one for my use as i dont like to see all the arms ect and looks a bit to far back on some pics i seen(must be the iracing in me as thats my prefered view)

    i have installed the devs tyre mod but yet to see it working only done practice session around 20 laps,so not sure it is working,does it work from inside cockpit?

    i have installed the rddev truelight can i install the weather one as well or does that over write the other mods?

    not installed Ai mods as yet tho,not sure how popular online is yet as not tried it any feedback on above would be great

    cheers for the help so far
  9. You should see the tyre degradation from any view, I tried the true light but my system just lock's up on loading as it is very GFX intensive so I believe. As for the weather mod I have no idea I have not used that, if it doe's conflict it would say so I would imagine.

    Online is okay a lot less popular than before when it came out but that is a good thing as the driver's seem to be improving lol, And here at RD we organise race's with ourselves so we know the race's will be generally good and very clean driving (no intentional rammer's) so they are obviously a good experience. I was giving up online play due to rammer's and total unfair play if people got frustrated and took you out before they disconnect, that was until RD set up the F1 2010 Racing Club which I am very thankful for indeed.

    As for AI mod's well that is a matter of taste and if you don't use one early on in the game I reckon you may start to use one after you get used to racing them, they are very conservative indeed.