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Pitting without changing tyres

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by cueceleches, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hi!

    Las night, I raced at Singapore. I hit the wall and got my nosecone broken, in the outting lap after pitting to change tyres. So I had to pit again to get the nose repaired, but they also changed my tyres, which I did not want. Is there a way to just pit and prevent changing tyres?

  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Sorry mate, i dont think there is. I wish they kept the pitting system from 2010.
    Because many times have i had a damaged front wing and had a drive through penalty at the same time and gone in to serve my penalty but instead i get a new set of tyres and a new nose cone, which results in me having to serve the penalty on the next lap.
  3. Ok, thanks! Yes, I would love to have more control over pitting options...
  4. For 2011 it makes no sense to pit without changing tires. Every new tire (doesn't matter if prime or option) was faster then a used one.

    But the penalty/broken wing thing annoyed me too.
  5. If you take the time to change the nosecone, you might as well change the tyres. You won't lose anything because of it, while you might gain A LOT thanks to having more grip and a change of strategy.
    I however would love to be able to drive into the pits with a slightly damaged front wing, that doesn't really bother me, without the mechanics changing it as well. Remember Massa a few years ago actually going faster with a broken wing? :D
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  6. Yeah, and commentator from Polish TV said something like "Keep an eye on Massa's front wing, because it can be a new generation of wings in Formula 1! He is faster than with new one!"

    I would like to not change nose if it's just slighty broken... Grip is almost tjhe same.
    Pitting without changing tyres would make sense only with 5-stop strategy, on last stint... but what track is that hard for tyres? Canada maybe, but it's really extreme strategy...
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  7. No when you just got a new set of tyres and they change it for a used one... that´s the point.