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Pit Strategy - Short Races

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by redskn1ndc, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. What is the best lap to pit if you're running short races (10%, 11%) in your career...?
  2. you don't even have to pit in 10% races....Pitstops are only mandatory for races 20% and more.

    Never use the recommended pistop lap when racing the ai, you WILL get held up waiting for everyone to go by. Pit one lap earlier or later and it'll be better, but you'll still get held up sometimes :(
  3. As Steve has said you only Pit when there are 20% or more Races.....

    For Example i race a 50% Race, i Qualify on Options, i will stay out for atleast 6-8 Laps.... it all depends on your Tyres and the track.

    Best thing to do is Assign your "Car Status" to your Wheel or joypad, then look at the graphic on the right, when your tyres start going Yellow drive careful, once they sart turning Orange go in to PIT!
  4. Am I right in saying you can't do less than a 20% race in career mode? I think that is the shortest option you have for a career race.
  5. yeah you can't do less than 20% in career.
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    Scott -

    How do you assign the 'Car Status' to the joypad...?