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Pit in Pit out, problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. hi, After recording the AIW file, I ve realized that, AI at exiting pits, they dont take off the limiter, better said, too late, they are still on track and the same happens entering pits, I have recording the pit line several times and nothing, so the question is, who tells AI "you are enterin-exiting pits"?, I thought it was the Pit in-out light, but it seems like not :(, or something strange it s happening.

  2. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff


    It seems what i said wasn`t right :)

    Post Below <-----what he said.
  3. it's the xpitin, xpitout meshes that tell the ai when they're entering/leaving the pits... if they're not present - or not done right - the ai will drive around with the limiter on....
  4. hi, yes, I meant xpitin, xpitout meshes told AI, pit in out lights instead.

    I think it is solved, I dont know What the hell, xpitin, xpitout meshes were a few meters under the track, so AI didnt know anything!!