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Pit Garage

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Ken Leamy, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. I made two pit garages one with the door open and one with the door closed.
    can someone tell me how to place them so that when in game the doors are only open to
    the players that occupy that garage. and the empty garages are closed

  2. ebrich


    I think, when I did it , I deleted the

    GarOri=(2,-0.0009,2.4864,-0.0009) "

    sections of the AIW file, [PITS], that had that space in the game.
    Back up file first.
  3. I dont understand ??
    How will that tell the game which garage to show if I have 20 garages
    I only want open garages for the people on the track. and closed garages for the
    garages not used.
  4. ebrich


    You have to do it the other way round. That is you put cars only in the garages that are open - not open garages for the cars you have.
    Here I only wanted cars coming out of the garages not the middle offices so in the AIW file I deleted the 4 corresponding sections of the file. Which I think would be 12 to 15 inc. as the file sections start at " TeamIndex=0 ".
    Hope this helps, Lighthorse.
  5. I don't understand you either, and I can't view your image because mediafire isn't responding. I recommend photobucket or imageshack for images.

    The garage doors need to be separate objects. I don't think rFactor can do one door per driver, but you can have 1-3 doors (as one object) for each team:

    The filenames need to be pdoor00.gmt, pdoor01 for the next team etc. Positioning them accurately is a little harder if you create them as individual BTB objects. For the garage in that screenshot, I built it in Blender with the doors as separate objects, imported each one into XPacker and made a complex object out of them.
  6. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    1 door per driver is no problem.
    Just name the objects accordingly

    start with pdoor00.gmt for the 1st door
    Will be automaticly hidden when a car is present
  7. What names can be used?
  8. ebrich


    Apologies Lighthorse wrong wavelength!!!
  9. OK Guys Ill give it a try

    Thank You
  10. OK Thank you! will try with Pdoor00 Pdoor01 ecc.
    Cheers Franky
  11. HI again! Have renamed the respective gmt s in PDOOR00 - PDOOR01 - PDOOR02 ecc.
    And also the instance name in the trk file, saved all!
    But it dont work for me, the garagedoors are ever locked!
    I think there must be an other script to do? but what?
    Have seached for atutorial but nothing found!
    (( in my track I have 36 Garage Posts and made 18 doors objects, one per Team. So
    PDOOR00 ...... PDOOR17 ))
    Has some one an Idea? Please!
    Thanks! Franky
  12. What game are you using? Are there other tracks that have working garage doors?
  13. Hello Mr. R Soul, Thanks for responding.

    Ive made Tracks for GTL- GTR2- R07 using BTB Evo and 3d Simed for some fixes.
    Im not very good with 3d Simed, (newbee)

    In this case have exported to GTL, there are some tracks with working doors, like Imola, MagnyCours this are original tracks. there is also Imola88 from der Dumeklemmer. I have looking in the AIW files but find nothing of particolar!?

    Now have tryed to fix the Garage positions in BTB, more near to the doors reexporting and taking only the new AIW file
    but nothing works, always the same. Have only find this little tutorial by No Grip:

    (Way A)
    // two pit doors per first pitspot, supposing two doors in one mesh
    MeshFile=mygaragedoor00.gmt .......

    Way B)
    // two pit doors per first pitspot, supposing two doors separated in two meshes - but it is a little bit stupid, correctly it is needless in most cases
    // it is good the objects to have united pivot
    MeshFile=mygaragedoor00a.gmt .....
    MeshFile=mygaragedoor00b.gmt .....

    And here is an example of AIW file for upper sample:



    I think this is for GTR2 and does not help me!
    I notice that BTB put out thisin the AIW:

    garagespots=3 three garagespots? Ive set only 2 per team in BTB!

    and also:
    GarPos=(2,410.9557,4.6505,194.4718) ?
    GarOri=(2,0.0019,3.1247,0) ? Have tryed to delete this two and the cars fly in the air one over an other!?

    Also have tryed to set : garagespots=2

    Have You an Idea? Thanks, Franky