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Pikes Peak Climb Track "How-to"

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by zaxxon, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Updated scripts, example projects, tutorials, etc. can be found here


    French language videotutorials:

    liquido's videotutorial about the gmsh step (spanish with english subtitles):

    You can also visit parlesportes' web site:http://www.plpcreation.tonsite.biz
  2. Thanks for the tutorial you are writing, I support the English language of course (even if I could manage Spanish).

    I eventually tried the 1.20 version, it is just great. I like a lot the texturing of the mountains on the top (you should put that also in the tutorial).
    A question: the seamless website is limited to North America?
  3. In the home page you can choose USA or International Data http://seamless.usgs.gov/index.php I suppose for "international" data, you get less definition (few elevation points for the same area). For example -64.76,-31.60 (long,lat) are the coordinates of the start point of an argentinian rally stage. The only source of data there is "SRTM 3 arc sec - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission [Finished] ". For the Pikes Peak Track (-105, 38.9) you can choose "National Elevation Dataset (NED) 1/3 Arc Second", with almost 10 times more resolution (1/3 instead of 3 arcsec).
  4. It would be very interesting to create a section " tutos" in the download section at the right of the screen... because there are a lot of good screens, comments, explanations but it stays in the topic and it's very difficult when you try to find it again.
  5. The how-to is finished, and all the files used in the process of building the track can be dowloaded from the Downloads section of the How-to.

    Please read the first post of this thread for updated info and links.
  6. thanks a lot for that tutorial, it is a real great thing.

    today i have time to learn the method, hope i can show you great landscape mesh for the next stage proyect.

    maybe that tecnique and the RX_RBR plugin give us a nice surprise in a few months, i think actually we can relase more interesting stage than original game have.
  7. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Excellent write up. now i only wish i understood at least 1% of all that! lol

    I really want to get the slight elavation changes in my track in accordance to real life without having to do it by hand, but understanding that is all too much for me i`m afraid :(
  8. at first you need to get an old version of BTB 0.6 and repeat the example, don´t give up and ask for every you don`t understand.

    sure that a lot of people has the same impresion, like me... but we are here to help each other, isn´t it?

    it´s my first time working with xml data and i don´t understand anything, but for sure i repeat the example X100 if i have to.
  9. Excellent work Zaxxon, thanks. Ill run through this whole thing once I have a few moments.

    I have one question: Suppose I just wanted terrain? How would I get an area of terrain from Google Earth accurately into BTB? No track needed.

  10. I'm a bit confused about what this meens.

    "h) Mesh generation:
    Open anchors_carretera.geo with gmsh and create the surfaces for the mesh.
    It is mandatory to create a surface on the start and end of the road. Otherwise the script
    that creates the invisible protection walls will crash.
    Create a Plane Surface for the non-driveable zone (with the driveable zone as its internal boundary).

    Close gmsh."

    What should I be doing here? I can open the mesh with GMSH but I'm not sure what I'm suspose to do after it is open.

    Thanks in advance, Jon
  11. I dont speak spanish, but thats ok. If the videos show me how to do it I think they will still help. The pdf is a big help.
  12. What format are the videos in? I cant open them to view them.
  13. Try VLC media player. It works for me.
  14. What extension are they. When I download them the show as gmsh_7z.001 and gmsh_7z.002
  15. You have to open them with 7z compressor (http://www.7-zip.org/). May be winrar opens too that files.
    There is only one video inside (.flv extension), splitted in 2 parts due to server uploading size limits.
  16. The download for the second file has failed twice. I really appreciate what you're doing - developing this technique and writing it up - but how on Earth have you managed to make an .flv file which is 100MB when compressed?

    edit: Got the file. Now to download 7zip...

    edit2: So how do I combine the files? I opened the 7zip file manager, selected the first part, and selected File > Combine, but the output file can't be opened.
  17. Just open .001 file.
    (Right click, 7zip, Open file)

    If I knew how to create a smaller .flv file, trust me I would have created a small file. If I don't remember badly, it is not compressed and 7zip is only used as an easy way to split a file and join the parts when downloaded.