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Pick-Up Race 7 September - C6R at Road America

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Eric Estes, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Since there is no club race scheduled tonight, I will be hosting an open hosted race just for fun:

    Corvette C6R at Road America Full Course - Session: 'Vette at Road America

    Practice: 8:15 EDT - 60 Min (00:15 GMT)
    Qual: 9:15 EDT - 2 Laps/10 Min
    Race: 45 Minutes

    Open Setup
    Open Registration

    - Eric
  2. Nevermind :redface: <- er, Nevermind this post, the race is still on :)
  3. Sounds like fun. I should be there!
  4. Thanks for putting up a race server for tonight Eric! Sorry that I haven't put up a Club Event for today. PC is still down but replacement parts (CPU/MOBO/HD) will be in tomorrow. So hopefully will back up and running before the weekend. Have a fun race guys!
  5. Sounds good, I like the extra practice time aswell.
  6. Yeah, I could use another week (year) of practice. That said, I hit a 2:06 with an optimal of 2:05 the other night. Far from fast, but better than I was expecting.

    Really like this car...

    Not sure if I can make the pick-up tonight, as I'm...

    ...beat beyond belief.
  7. hot damn, fastest lap. :) makes up for shunting it when within 3 seconds of leader. Thanks for the race guys, was great fun, exactly what i needed tonight. Was too tired for an official gig (after getting punted from the lead by a lapped car monday).

    Joe...i almost had you!
  8. That was a lot of fun. Thanks for the session, Eric!
  9. grats on the win amjed. clean race
  10. Good race Amjed - grats on the win.
  11. grats on win Amjed. Happy to finish on podium using fixed setup. Thanks for hosting Eric.
  12. Hey Joe - before we were so rudely timed out - Looks like 80% have Zandvoort and Silverstone - either one would be good with the Riley...
  13. Well just let me know what you guys want and I'll schedule it.

    **EDIT** There may be a conflict of interest here, let me sort it out. I'll get back to you on what is going to be done.

  14. At least it's only the GPU that's gone kaput on mine drops to 4fps when it gets to 104C. new one should arrive tomorrow (although had to by a new PSU to power it up to 650W from 375.) Anyway, the visuals should be much better now GTX560ti 1GB from 9500 512mb. Happy days
  15. hehe: conflict of interest sounds like corporate espionage.

    whatever you guys decide - I just drive :)
  16. ... taps foot ...
  17. ... drums fingers.... :)
  18. ok we are a go I suppose... ummmm the dark side clouds... ummm nevermind... hahahahaha