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Physics/Grip editing ?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by SCE_SR, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    is it possible in RRRE to edit physics/grip level similar to Grand Prix 4's physics editor ? Or can i change parameters in physics,- tire,- or trackgrip files ?

    Thanks for help.

  2. I hope not...
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  3. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium

    Probably easier to just go ahead and edit the leaderboards...

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  4. yes, in car setup menu.
    I hope, your nickname it does not mean, Stock Car Extreme.
  5. Thank you, good to know.

    U are right, it is Stock Car Extreme, my favorite. U hope its not ? Sorry, i wont ask u why.., its a great game too and i will not discuss about that, it's just a matter of taste.
    I will not thinking so polarized, because one prefers a title. Lights and Shadows are everywhere.

    The only reason i show on RRRE is this great Nordschleife preview video. Wow, what a graphic, impressive.

    Thanks for help.

    Last edited: Jan 11, 2016
  6. ahh man, you no understand my little "sarcasm" :p I love SCE it's one of best of "game" but no love cheater things.... sry for my sarcasm :)
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  7. Ah, ok. Sorry, its my mistake, my english is not good enough for "hidden" things like that. :cool:

    I understand, but i dont edit for cheat, i just like to personalize the game for my prevering things, for offline racing. I only play offline. (old school ;))
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