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Personal " Menu"

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by pelato, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Hello guys! I would like to sort the tracks in the game menu, dividing them by category. es.: Circuits street, Rallye, hill climbs, official leagues, etc..
    I already tried to put the folders of the tracks, in a larger, depending on the type. But in the menu does not appear as due or a specific folder is divided into two, one with the first 3 and the other, with the remaining tracks.
    How can I do?
  2. ebrich


    Which game pelato?

  3. Sorry man, you're right! RFactor
  4. I have done this for every track I have... took a couple of weeks to edit and sort all the files...
    including MAS file creation!! so many tracks don't have them..... Too many!!

    Make your folders in the locations folder drag the track to where you want them then edit scn file to match
    ie classic folder for all the pre 70 tracks.

    scn file.....
    then edit the gdb files for every layout of every track to match..
    gdb file......
    TrackName = Taruma
    EventName = Taruma
    GrandPrixName = Taruma
    VenueName = Classic, Taruma
    Doing this will exclude you from online play as the gdb file won't match the online version.,
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  5. creating a note pad file with the classes ( gdb entry) and the folder names speeds up the process heaps....
  6. as a side note.... if you have multiple installs make a seperate locations folder outside RF, then edit the plr file and config ini to match... I did that with the sounds folder too... saved around 60 gig of hd space....
  7. Thanks "legendsatlunch"! ... but now I have a problem.
    I tried first of all, with the tracks I did with BTB and the Italian ones. Those from BTB, I can upload them. Italian ones do not charge, and makes me a message like: "error opening MAS file xxx.mas" or "error opening sky file."
    What did I do wrong?