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pCARS - Builds

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by martinsalat, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. martinsalat


    Build 234 (14/6/12, Team Member+)
    Added more p2p logging
    AC metropole building textures checked in
    Northampton 'Wing' textures checked in
    Cars.lod simplified and prepped for LODD addition. C->D switch to be updated when all cars are ready.
    Lotus 49: removed fake wings. New default setup with wide tuning ranges to try and handle the loss of downforce. Could certainly still use some tuning work
    Added Formula Rookie car
    Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday's stat reset
    Formula Rookie animation pack1 + gear to animation
    - tweaked roof camera to show driver helet + hands on wheel
    - lowered cockpit camera position to match better with driver eyes level
    Belgian Forest Circuit - add new textures for Kart Building and WoodenHut
    Formula rookie animation, right hand with tighter grip on wheel .
    Belgian Forest - add new textures - stavelot buildings
    Lotus 98T textures: restored real logos on textures
    Lotus 78 textures: restored textures with real logos
    Added few more temp barriers from casino square to tobac corner for azure circuit
    Formula Rookie: statistics file created and added
    AI disabled at Azure Circuit until working AIW is available
    Lotus 49: steering ratio lowered back to previous setting
    Azure Circuit : updated sction exiting tunnel for new armco. Hand edited raceline and corridors
    Lotus 78/98T textures: replaced GripYeah tires with GoodYear
    New Ariel exports
    New X4 export
    New Lotus 49 export
    New Lotus 78 export
    New Azure Coast export
    New Belgian Forest export
    New Northampton export

    Build 233 (14/6/12, Senior Manager)
    Ghost system:
    - The player will be informed on the HUD when some of the selected ghosts failed to load
    Fixed bug in BDateTime::GetDaysInMonth when checking Feb in a leap year
    When enough information about connectivity/latency has been collected from pinging a member on their all known addresses, choose the best address as the "live link" to the member - all p2p communication will then use this address
    Added check to prevent wasted alloc when formatting with an empty string
    Refactor and optimise internal physics tick and player physics subtick
    - Improvements to performance with changes to PhysX updates
    - Default physics internal tick to 600 hz
    - Alternative 360hz exe added pCARS_360hz.exe
    Memphis:New textures for Scoring Pylon asset
    Caterham SP300: added new livery
    Upto date co-ords added for maps
    New 'placeholder' map added for testing purposes
    Added the HUD co-ords for Azure Circuit
    Leonus cars renamed to Lotus
    Memphis:Tweaked light levels
    Memphis:New texture for video wall
    Memphis:Source textures for ScoringPylon
    New GUMPERT apollo export
    New Stockcar export

    Build 232 (13/6/12, Senior Manager)
    Reverted changes from CL 224287:
    - raise core tick to 600Hz
    - substep tire/driveline rate x2 below 40 RPS avg on fronts
    Peer to peer communication WIP:
    - Maintain list of all possible IP addresses of session members
    - Try to ping members at those addresses
    - Give up when there is no reply after severl ping retries, mark p2p address as "live" when a ping request or response is received from the address
    Debugged and improved potential lap time prediction method. Bumped version invalidating previously recorded laps
    Ghost system:
    - Added text message for a ghost load failure to the text database.
    - Re-exported text database header.
    Gumpert Apollo: Suspension and wiper animations. Wider tuning ranges and small changes to default setup. Adjusted brake heating and glow ranges. Reduced high-rpm engine braking for less lift-off oversteer
    Adding supercharger sound for use with Caterham SP300
    Adding SP300 engine set
    Bathurst texturemaps of slopes
    SP300 balancing changes
    SP300 engine samples changes
    Adding SP300 AI sounds
    Caterham SP300: added new livery
    BAC Mono: corrected badges (BAC request)
    New GUMPERT apollo export
    New Azure Circuit export

    Build 231 (12/6/12, Manager+)
    Updated the game client to handle new datagram format correctly. Initial support for p2p ping messages (which will also serve as NAT punchthrough probes)
    Moved all Used textures to the Harrison Pike folder for memory optimization reasons
    Rescaled/downscaled/dealphaed maps of Harrison pikes for memory optimisation
    Stockcar90: livery fixes
    Memphis - add new textures (top stands)
    Memphis - New textures
    Changed direction arrow for maps (concord, Monterey)
    Memphis - add new textures for seats
    Derby GP and National: New AIW for new chicane layout. Complete new main path, corridors and racelines done
    New Derby exports
    New Harrison Pike export
    New Memphis export

    Build 230 (11/6/12, Senior Manager)
    Re-enabled spindle fixups with tweaks to thresholds to take into account higher tick frequency
    Set car details on fixup to ensure correct wheel offsets used
    Moved ping handling to a separate class
    Changed broken spindle detection based on Tom's testing feedback
    Concord Oval: New racline and narrowed corridors off the outside walls
    Harrison pike textures updated and adding new ones
    Concord Circuit: New complete AIW. Supports 36
    Removed cones blocking the pitexit of Concord circuit
    Added new track maps for Florence
    Added new track maps for Harrison
    Added new track maps for Henrico
    Added new track maps for Heusden
    Added new track maps for Jin Ding
    Added new track maps for Memphis
    Added new track maps for Milan
    Added new track maps for Monterey
    Added new track maps for Moravia
    Added new track maps for Northampton
    Added new track maps for Rouen
    Added new track maps for Sakitto
    Added new track maps for Summerton
    Added new track maps for Test Track
    Added new track maps for Wisconsin
    Sakitto - Removed the Thrustmaster Event Dressing now the competition is over
    Caterham SP300: added new livery
    Bumped Zonda version to 3
    Added new Azure circuit map
    Caterham SP300R: new cockpit display
    Caterham SP300R: added HUD display
    Added Azure Circuit back in now weekly build is done
    New Concord Circuit export
    New Harrison Pike Raceway export
    New Sakitto exports
  2. is this the sort of thing that should be posted on a public site? I thought this info was for pcars members...?
  3. Build notes are always released publicly... VirtualR posts them for every weekly build. I can't see a problem with posting them here as well...
  4. yea i don't have a problem with them specifically being posted to any particular website, I guess it's just weird to me that they're posting them on other websites besides wmd.
  5. Mapu


    I guess this is part of their aggressive catch-all policy. Just like they ask their investors, members, fans, whatever you you wish to call them, to create commercial stuff, like videos and screen shots for the better of pcars, while any negative aspects of this "pre-alpha" (lol - I have yet to find somebody who can give me a definition of that term) must be disguised from the public eye. A clever move, I have to give that to SMS since the prey caught the bait which means that SMS is able to save a lot of cash and time while their community is doing all their promotion work.

    I mean, who, beside the members of WMD, would care about weekly "pre-alpha" (lol) updates?
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  6. Well said.
  7. martinsalat


    what's your problem?its the pcars thread of this forum not the main page.
    if the mod thinks it is not from interest he can remove it.
  8. I don't have a problem with it, just didn't understand
  9. I don't see what the difference is between someone posting PCARS build details in the RD PCARS forum to someone posting DLC content details for Forza 4 in the RD Forza Motorpsort forums or update details for GT5 in the RD Gran Turismo forums or DLC details for Reiza GSC in the RD Reiza GSC forums.

    I guess some folks are just intent on bashing PCARS.
  10. Really that's what you got from that? I was just asking a question. I just thought it's a little weird that all of the build info from a game that's not even beta is out on public forums for everyone to see. Can't say I've ever seen that done before, I'm also not entirely positive it's a great idea.

    However I support the idea that is pcars and I have invested, I'm not bashing it in the least.
  11. martinsalat


    sorry for misunderstanding you.
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  12. Yes, pre alpha is a funny term but what the hell do you want them to call it? Its not coming out until next year so what should it be dubbed until then. Alpha? Beta? Delta? Cappa? ' Why are you trolling this thread anyway. It was meant for pcars build info and you dont give two shits about the project so why even read this thread.

    "Who bezides wmd members would even care about weekly pre alpha updates" Obviously not many. Thats why this is a pcars build thread in a pcars dedicated forum. If you are here and dont want to see this info, its no ones fault but your own. Way to go dragging this into yet another off topic discussion. If you dont want to know about build updates, stay away from this thread. Seems simple.
  13. Nathan, I find your post rude and arogant. This is a public forum. All can read and comment. :mad:
  14. Mapu


    Leave it be, he lost his credibility anyway. No idea why somebody would create homosexual sentiments or homophobic remarks in a discussion about games (see other thread "Banned for no reason!"). That's pretty low in my opinion and I don't see a point in keeping up a conversation on this level. Stupid is all I can say and I am sorry for wasting time.

    Enjoy pcars while you can.
  15. Lol andy thats fine. My point is true though. Why carry the off topic discussion into a thread about pcars builds, doesnt make any sense.

    Marcel, im sorry if i hit a sore spot. Sometimes the truth will do that :) i feel you have no credibility as well. You are unreasonable.
  16. Mapu


    Be careful to not spread rumors.

    And now I leave it to you wmd guys to go to your illustrious circle and check for the latest "pre-alpha" (still no proper definition) pcars build. I hope you get my point and why it is silly to post something internal on a public forum.
  17. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Well, I think pcars release notes in pcars forum are ok.

    The thread should be about the notes content though, I'm sure there are very interesting things to discuss there.
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  18. But its in a thread about pcars builds. If you have no interest in that, why would you pop in to read it? I know its a community of freedom, but you would think that when you see something titled "pcars builds" you would know what your getting into. I know that you dont care to read it but what about the guys that do?
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  19. The net is full of definitions - if you actually wanted to you'd find it within seconds. Anyway, here goes, and I just copy and paste a previous posting to make quick work of it:

    Software release life cycle

    For those not caring to have a read at Wikipedia, here's a quick breakdown:

    Pre Alpha is where the bulk of the software development takes place. It's the long haul of a project, and we're smack in the middle of it.

    Alpha is the stage where formalized internal testing begins. At that point the core system is pretty much complete and most features are in, but some changes and additions can still happen.

    Beta is where the software is feature complete, and the second phase of testing begins. This is the phase that normally involves users testing the software.

    At present, just about everything in pCARS is in development. The core system is being tweaked and extended. Important subsystems are being refactored. New methods are being experimented with. New features are being implemented all the time, and most major gameplay features are still queued up for implementation (weather, pit- stops/radio, multiplayer, lots of game logic). There are also plenty of new assets in the pipeline (car models, tracks, various objects, sounds, user interface elements etc.).

    At a very rough guess, pCARS will reach Alpha no earlier than 5-8 months from now, and Beta in another 3-6 months from there.
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  20. Pre-Alpha usually means it's the earliest state of when it's playable and "packed" (interface and so on is more or less working)

    It's simply before alpha version so definition and "alpha-ness" of the build may vary...

    What many people didn't expect is the constant and weekly physics changes and fudging.