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PC Version: No opponents in side mirrors?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Mike Coleman, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. I can't see any other drivers in my side mirrors. I can hear them right behind me and I keep getting illegal blocking penalties because I can't see them???

    I can see the track behind me on the mirrors and they look like they are working, but the other drivers are invisible?

    Anyone else notice that?
  2. Me too on ps3, but I wasn't sure in that. And now when you are mension it, I'm sure in that.
  3. another blunder over codemasters, .... sorry in Spanish verb **** --- jodemasters
    it's okay to laugh at us, which is the third year of the game and always the same
    **** so hard to make things right
    rFactor, etc all the project cars are perfect because they are unable to do so
    I can not understand
    at least 256 missing patches or 315
  4. I can see them but they have to be pretty close
  5. The same :X
  6. mydriaz


    Same here :(
  7. In full game i can see mi opponents in my rear view mirror, the problem that I was heaving was in f1 2012 demo
  8. I believe its because of the sound, im sure that now you can hear another car thats now really close to you, so you can hear the engine sound but can't see it on the mirror, BUT they do appear in the mirror when they are close to you. Only bad thing is that the mirror quality is very bad, even with everything set on Ultra, still a very bad mirror.
  9. It's ironic to me that they bothered to move the cockpit view back so you can actually SEE the mirrors, but didn't bother making the mirrors useful. If the opponent car has any closing rate at all, by the time you see them in the mirrors they are already alongside, even if they appear to be behind you.
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