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PC Spec Advice

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by spidy777, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. hi guys im a newbie here....since a f1 fan i decided to upgrade my f1 2009 to 2010 game....im facing sum doubts over the specs ...any help wud b appreciated...

    My Specs:
    Processor : Intel Dual Core (Pentium D) 2.8ghz
    Ram 1.5 Gb
    Video Card: nVidia 8600GT
    OS:Win XP.

    I browser many sites for the Minimum Requirments and it said the game requires core 2 duo 2.4 . I was wondering whether the game would run or not on my specs...im thinkin of buyin the game but the specs issue has put me in a fix..

    Pls Help!!!
    thanks in advance!!
  2. I had a dual core 3.0ghz processor and encounted the slow down bug and game was running at about 28 fps on high settings with a HD 5850 graphics card , I recently upgraded my motherboard and cpu to a i5 2500k i still have same graphics card but now i get no slow down and my fps 90 !! Hope this helps ya in the right direction.
  3. I have a dual core 2.8Ghz processor and 4GB of RAM and the game runs fairly well most of the time on very high settings. You may have a little more trouble as you're lacking RAM.

    I'd recommend adding at least a 2GB of RAM. If you're running Windows 7 you'll likely get a big performance increase all round, but games especially will struggle with only 1.5GB.

    The game will likely run on the specs you have though, but just don't expect it to run brilliantly on high settings.

    EDIT: Sorry, didn't notice you're running XP. I'd still recommend more RAM and also upgrading your OS!
  4. Thanks i ton guys!!! Ash Kendall i keep that in mind ...il first buy the game then upgrade my ram if necessary ...thnx andybls!!!!

    The first thing im going to do is RUNNN to the nearest store and grab my F1 2010 copy!!!!!!!!.....i have been waiting for this help long time...thnx 2 u guys u made it possible!!!!
    Luv tis Forum:wink:
  5. if you can wait more longer F1 2011 will be released on sept 23rd according to codies....
  6. Don't rush i would say.Much better is as the buddy says above is wait a bit for 2011 v.There's more improvements and new stuffs around like :safety car, new AI , new tracks layout, new movements of the drivers out of the cars cockpit etc.Get v.2011
  7. My advice is to go with new video card. 8600 GT is fast but is losing ground with newer games. Also put 2 GB 2x1 gb ram. If you can buy 4 gb of ram will be great. After all i agree with others.. Codies said that they've polished the graphics bug in the new game. So wait and test your pc before you take a step.
  8. thanku so much guys for all ur response and advice....i 2 have been thinkin of upgrading...but then my conscience cums in the way like is it worth buyin a new pc just for a single game??....neways sooner or later i have to buy a new machine so wat tha f!....

    waitin 4 2011 is no problem guys but im damn sure it wont even run the game on my specs...so better i settle for the later...lets say il first graduate in 2010 and then do 2011!!!!

    Honestly again thanking Everybdy on this forum for solving and advising on this issue...im looking forward using tis forum much more!!!!