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[PC] Problems caused by NO-DVD patch?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by JeDa, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    First let me say I bought a boxed DVD version of the sim the day it was released. I am very happy with it. Only thing I hate is that I have to put my disc in my machine. That's why yesterday I tried the unpatched no dvd version of the sim (yes I know....). I let the sim auto-update so I got the patched version withou DVD :)

    But.... when I tried the sim I noticed it was patched (gaps in laptime where shown), but the AI was still horrible. For example: Petrov won a 30% race at Monza.

    So I went back to my orriginal install which requires the DVD and tried some races. No weird results anymore.

    So could it be possible that, although the patch seems to be working fine on the NO DVD version, it actually doesnt? And that this causes some AI-problems? Just a thought....
  2. The game is know to have AI issues.. there was time when Karan Chandhok was setting the fastest laps..
    You could try the AI Mods.. but make sure you backup your original files.. and everytime you want to play online multiplayer, restore back to your original files as it is know cause issue with MP mode..
  3. I use the No DVd exe too to save my original version from wear. No problems or differences here.
  4. Thats not rlly a big error, i could happen

    I use GME for that, rlly eassy to go back to default, just 2 clicks on my mouse (1 to open GME and 1 to disable all mods)
  5. yeah GME is great.. but i prefer the game the way it is..
  6. If you can, try using mini images instead of the No-CD. I use a mini-image and the game works fine.

    It could also be a bug introduced by the patch, lord knows there's a lot of them already :(
  7. I usually run the game with mounting the image... its a pain to load the ori dvd everytime you want to run the game..
    even lord doesn't the number of bugs in this game kully..
  8. I mount an image too Fahad with all my games, I like to keep my disks as original as possible barring any problem's. Most of my game disk's have only been run twice, once to install then second to make an image. It results in smoother game play in some game's. Even after just 2 runs you get scratches on a disk even in a new disk reader.
  9. absolutely right david.. you spend some hard earned $$ to buy a new game.. and next thing you know.. oh crap.. its scratches.. wait is there a replacement warranty on the dvd.. oh no..