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pc league?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by palo112, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. hi everone,
    i wnat to play in some pc league, but every league on this forum in pc section are playing in night so can anyone make league which is be at afternoon about 15-17:00 CET i think GMT+1 not sure about that (start time) ,i cant play night leagues, it is to late for me.:unsure:

    if anyone think why i not creat some pc league, it is simple i dont want to be creator, for me it is too much work with that. i think that more people will be pleased with this.;)
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    For other people its also a lot of work. Doesn't hurt to get your hands dirty and set it up for yourself. :)
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  3. i know for other players it lot of work too, anyway i tried to create some league before but i cant handle it.
  4. Have you seen the GP2 category of Saturday Night League?
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  5. you mean this GP2 - 18:00 GMT (50%)
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  6. if yes i seen
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  7. so it too late for me i am from slovakia.
    Standard time zone:UTC/GMT +1 hour
    Daylight saving time:+1 hour
    Current time zone offset:UTC/GMT +2 hours
    Time zone abbreviation:CEST - Central European Summer Time

    this is it ,UK time is GMT+1 now = british summer time
    i am in GMT+2 hours or CEST = central european summer time

    UK standart time is GMT - isnt at summer
    in standard time i am in GMT+1 hour

    it start 18:00 GMT ? or GMT +1 what mean 19:00 and GMT+2 = CEST 20:00
  8. or is it mean on another country on GMT? i dont know ,anyway thanks for some. I appreciate your efforts:thumbsup:
  9. it is to late for me. i am not playing games at 20:00 in my time zone.
  10. Τake into account that Summer Time Season ends in the end of October, and the SNL starts in November ;)
  11. i know i forgot that it start in november so it is mean GMT and GMT+1 in my country what mean 19:00. is this thrue?