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[PC] FFB strength & wheel weight keeps getting greyed out after a restart

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Freddy van Vliet, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow RD members,

    I have a G25 wheel and everything configured in the game and even saved my profile before I quit the game. However, every time I restart the game (and no, I don't use the keyboard to get into the main menu, just the buttons on my shifter as I am aware of that bug like in DIRT 3) the force feedback strength and wheel weight sliders are greyed out!

    So I have to switch from custom controls back to G25 and configure all the controls to my liking again after every restart?
    Anyone else had this problem and/or knows a fix for this? Would be very much appreciated.
  2. I've got a g27 with the same thing happening. it appears that you can't edit FFB of custom controllers or unsupported controllers perhaps, so every time you change the button mapping in game it becomes a custom controller. It's not a huge deal to me, i just switch it back to g27 then mess with FFB then switch back, settings will be the same.

    Alternatively you could go into the logitech profiler and reassign all of the buttons through that before you play, but you'd have to know all the default buttons (and their respective numbers)
  3. Not too sure how to do all that in logitech profiler. By selecting commands for each button, press record and then press the default assigned button you want? If that makes any sense?

    Or perhaps I could change the XML file in the actionmap folder of F1 2011 that belongs to the G25? Does anyone know where the custom controller settings are being saved? Would be easier to copy paste from there.
  4. Freddy, I think there's an option in the controller settings in F1 2011 that says something like "override". Try setting that to "Steering Wheel" and see if it that works. :)
  5. Thanks Derek, I will give that a try :)
  6. James Robertson

    James Robertson
    Premium Member

    I loose my wheel settings every time i restart too, I thought it was maybe a wheel problem but it happens with both the thrustmaster t500 & fanatec gt2
  7. You lose all your wheel settings (as in button configurations) or just that you cannot change the ffb strength and wheel weight anymore as they are greyed out? If you lost all...then it might be because you pressed enter or anything on the keyboard before you ended up in the main menu? It's a known bug that you then lose all your controller settings as it will revert back to keyboard. You have to use any of the buttons on your wheel and/or shifter to advance all the way to the main menu (known bug in DIRT 3 as well).
  8. Im getting that problem too Freddy where the bottom 2 FFB options randomly grey out and there is no resistance to the wheel. The only workaround I have found while still in the game is to change your controller back to default - that will un-grey the FFB, then edit your custom controls again. Its not too bad for me, coz ive changed the majority of them in the default actionmap already (like you mention doing) - and unlike F1 2010, it also keeps my apex mod even when Im not using the default mapping - result!

    This is a seperate issue to what James mentions where he is starting the game using the keyboard rather than the controller.
  9. Not all of the buttons work for me in the menu, but a couple do, including the one I have assigned on my G27 shifter for the camera angle.
  10. Guys, all you need to do is enable "override input device" to change your FFB settings when they are grayed out. Once you change them, you can disable it.

    Easy :)

  11. http://community.codemasters.com/for...ng-thread.html
  12. The override input device option does the trick. Thanks Derek and Mike!