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[PC] Can't connect to some hosts

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Kaido Parl, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Has somebody any idea, why I can join multiplayer custom session with one host, but can't with another? Same thing when I am hosting. Some people can't join when I am hosting. What must be changed to avoid this problem?
  2. I think it has something with your ISP. Try to call them.
  3. But how can it be ISP problem? I can host and I can join races hosted someone else. Problem occurs only with some people.
    I had this problem at TNC2 with Robert. I couldn't invite him and he couldn't invite me. I also couldn't accept invite from Matthieu. But we all were able to race when you hosted. If it was my ISP problem, then I wouldn't be able to race at all in multiplayer sessions? I am not so good with computers and internet stuff, but that is how I can understand it :)
  4. Not sure what your network hardware setup is Kaido, (LAN cable/ wifi) but until I did these 3 things I used to have the same intermittant trouble.

    1. Turn off Windows Firewall
    2. If you run a 3rd party firewall, make sure you add rules to allow F1 2011.exe access (incoming & outgoing) to the right ports.
    3. Turn off uPNP on your router (if on) and then manually setup the same ports on your router to be forward to your PC, either by name or IP address (depends on router and whether you have static or dynamic IP set on your PC)

    These are the ports - you need to tell your firewall software to allow access to F1 2011.exe, and tell your router to allow access to your PC

    TCP port 80.
    UDP and TCP port 3074.
    UDP port 88
    UDP and TCP port 53
    TCP port 443

    Once you 'think' you have done it right, download this little bit of software and check the ports are truely open -

    That site above also gives good information on how to forward ports for most popular routers if you are unsure how it all works.

    One other alternative for a quick connectivity test is to bypass your router if possible, use a LAN cable, turn off all your firewalls and security and try it that way - just to be sure thats its your network setup thats the problem, and not you ISP.

    Shout if you need more help mate.
  5. Thanks Paul! :)
    I will try it and let you know.