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Patch #4 now available (20MB update)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Travis, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Today sees patch #4 available on Steam for PC versions of F1 2012.

    This update addresses a number of issues, including:
    • Understeer: Adjusted track information to provide a more uniform level of grip across the entire surface
    • Fixed an issue where some users (especially those on laptops) were unable to change their resolution.
    • Fixed a crash in Co-op when trying to resume a session at the start of a Qualifying session that neither player would take part in.
    • Fixed issues with the weather system in Instant Replays / Race Replays which could instantly change the track wetness level.
    • Removed engine damage from the list of damaged parts that can force a pit stop to take priority over a drive through penalty.
    • Changed the Prime tyre compound to Hard for Suzuka to match the race this weekend. This change will not affect Time Attack which will continue to use the Medium compound tyre.
    • Added a white cross to the DRS OSD to indicate to that it is unavailable because of a fault.
    • Fixed a number of minor graphical issues.
    • Fixed a couple of minor issues with timers not resetting correctly.
    • Other changes of note:
    • Added a Skip Session option so players can leave any session without having to complete it.
    • Tweaked force feedback for all devices.
    • Improved the lighting on Singapore.
    Known issue:
    • Saves not synchronising with the Steam cloud. If you are experiencing issues with saves uploaded to Steam’s cloud, we recommend using saved games stored on your local drive/PC.
    The fixes listed above and those specific to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game are also being tested and verified on those platforms. As these versions require additional submission and authorisation from both Microsoft and Sony the release date for these will follow a little later than the PC version.

    We are working on other issues you have reported via the forums, Facebook and Twitter and are working to fix them as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please note that we are still collecting feedback via our Technical Assistance forums and do encourage you to post your issues there being sure to include as much information as possible.

  2. This fourth patch is causing FFB issues for people with the G27. If anyone has a copy of the file forcefeedback\effectsetup.xml from patch 3 there are a bunch of us looking for it to try and revert.
  3. This cannot be good for Business.
    I have a G27 have not tried it yet
  4. I dont feel any differences with my G27
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  5. I cant play now since update says servers too busy.
  6. This is a problem with running the Steam beta - the latest beta client is broken not just for F1 2012. Opt out of the beta, update your Steam client and try again.
  7. The new G27 settings are terrible. I'm 2.5 seconds slower now.
  8. I don't feel any difference at all. Neither with the G27, nor with the new "understeer fix". Car handling seems to be exactly the same, G27 too. I definitely have the patch. Hmm?
  9. Peter

    who cares Premium

  10. The awesome thing is we have 4th patch and it's not even 2 weeks since the game was officially released in Europe :)
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  11. Great post over on that Codies thread just now with JesseDeya deconstructing the changes between the FFB files patch to patch. Some of it is for the better, a lot for the worse. What I don't understand is why they've made these changes by only adjusting the master FFB file, rather than tailoring each wheel more specifically as well. Seems they have benefited Fanatec users at the expense of Logitech users at the moment.

    As for why not everyone is effected, it's very confusing. Do you have centering spring enabled in the Logitech profiler with a strong positive value? That seems to overwhelm the game's FFB.
  12. Adrian Britton

    Adrian Britton
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I dont know if it make any difference, but I have a new G27 and it feels fine to me.
    The only thing I have noticed is that if I change any of the pre programed settings, I get a wider turning circle.
  13. Yes the rate of fixes is great news. Hopefully they will see it through and iron out all the issues. The wet weather transitions are still a nightmare. But they have quickly fixed the save bug and online issues, at least.
  14. Got a bad 55 error on gamestart up since yesterday. Reset all and also did a fresh install over steam, it do also verifies fine. Also i get no reply agin from CM, pretty usual right now.
  15. is there already a patch for ps3?
  16. Are you using beta update? For me it helped to disable it and choose no to use any beta updates in Steam settings.
  17. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    2010 had one patch, 2011 had 2 patches - so it's indeed awesome and unprecedented. :D
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  18. That's it then, it has doubled every year and now we are getting no more :p.