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Part stats resetting during End of season - Preseason

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by GusGus, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. GusGus


    Hi I am 7 seasons into my career mode and for reasons I dont understand all of my part "base stats" have been reduced dramatically.

    Brakes were 700ish at the end of last season, now they are 45 after the preseason.
    Engine was 800ish but now 50. etc for all none spec parts.

    Does anyone know what has happened? I haven't gone up a level or anything like that.
  2. robt100


    there USED to be a bug where this happened but the game was updated to fix this......I do believe if the save file is from before the 'fix' then you will still get the problem :S
  3. JayOTT


    No bug; this sounds like the parts reset that happens when performance levels become too high for the series. Assuming this is vanilla ERS, another team must have built a part rated 900 or higher which triggered a reset. If it's another series or a mod then this max stat value would be different but the event that triggers the reset remains the same.

    The game justifies it with an end of season email from Ernie that says that the series should use more efficient technologies. You may have glossed over it.