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Pagani Zonda R @ Mugello

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Joco Gorenc, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Hello, here's my set for Zonda at Mugello ;)

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  2. what time did you make Joco?
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  3. 1:41.9

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  4. first of all, thank you for sharing.
    second, i think the setup you uploaded is a little buggy. for example:




    i believe toe_out_rf should be 30 too.

    now back to my feedback:
    completly undriveable.
    you have break bias 57. this makes breaking impossible. powerdrift each time when breaking.
    you have rear wing to 6. getting on gas after a turn or on curbs is sudden death.

    nonetheless, setting rear wing to 8 and break bias to 64 (default) the car handles much better. i managed a 1.42.9 with the modified, easier to drive version. i could be faster if i wouldnt have so serious problems with my G27. i dont know why but catching the car with the g27 sucks big time.
  5. The 30 and 3 value is correct, it's just a glitch(you must look at car status on the right). Yes it should be 30 and 30 or 3 and 3 but it's just a GUI bug.

    Brakes seemed to work for me well, but regarding the wing I absolutely find the 2-6 faster. But on the curbs you indeed have to be very very precise and careful.
  6. i see..
    i watched your replays again. incredible. i absolutely cant do that. i cant turn my wheel that fast to catch the car before it even slides. and if i somehow manage to, the car bounces to the other side and catching that is impossible xD.

    i will give your setup another try.
  7. I did use Traction control(level 8) but even with same setup and no TC I could drive(42.7 laptime).

    Maybe the brake bias is a little too much...

    It's very important you have good FFB setup. Play with FFB alot to find your optimum. I've posted my settings(g25) on forums here, see the "
    Assetto Corsa Logitech G25 / G27 Settings"
  8. thx for sharing your settings. dont your wheel vibrate like cracy with those?
  9. Not really, I like a little vibration(slip effect). FFB is all up to personal preferance though so you should test for yourself
  10. but the vibration is like a shabby rattle isnt it? at least on my G27 it is. and its very noisy and may break my wheel any time.
  11. Strange, not for my g25. No rattling... G27 is abit different(gears) from G25.
  12. with your setup slightly modified and some of your wheel settings i managed a 1.41.944. could have been a ~1.41.7 but i was too afraid to take the last corner at the limit.

    anyway, i got about 1 sec faster just because i set road temperature to 20°C. somehow playing with road temperature makes the trick here...

    another question to you, you drive with ABS on level 1 right? i absolutely do, because anything else is undriveable with the zonda =( ...

    also the most important settings for the wheel i had to adapt from yours to reduce the shabby rattling was dampening of 4% in game and on controller settings. this little dampening helped a lot.
  13. Yup...definately some dampening needed. Try from 4-10% ;)

    Didn't even check ABS in Zonda, only TC.
  14. ABS is by default on level 1 if you dont press CTRL + A with the zonda
  15. Morgan Morand posted a 1:40.6 on his Facebook :barefoot:

    Better get to work. Do you really think lowering ambient temperature would decrease laptimes so much? :O_o:
  16. lowering it to 20 lowered my lap time by 1 sec..
  17. Did a quick test, lowering the ambient temperature didn't seem to really increase speed but it should help since softs do tend to overheat.

    Might give it another try tomorrow but I don't know how Morand did a 40.6!
  18. with a perfect setup, perfect conditions and good driving - maybe with this combo its possible who knows =)
  19. your setup Joco ;)

    still waiting for g27 wheel adapter to arrive and install also nixim brake mod...
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  20. Akis

    Over 9000 Premium

    Joco I'm sure your setup is the best for your excellent driving skills!
    I made a new, more forgiving setup for people who prefer less oversteer and better stability at the braking phase. Plus it is suited for those who want to compete in pro leagues and pro ranks, because it works ok with traction control off.

    Test drive video:

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