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Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Jeroen Borghuis, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. i find it very hard to be competitive due to amazing oversteer. Especially in Moto3 class.
    I played MotoGP 13 and much Milestone titles before (SBK) but i can't drive like i used to.
    In fast corners the bike just floates out of the corner, and every other AI driver passes me full throttle. (they dont seem to have that problem)
    I tryed to use different setups, but can;t fix it. It's really hard to win races this way,
    I play with no aids, auto tuck in en no tcs. With the MotoGP you can play with the throttle to get the nose in but in Moto3 you don't have the power.
    I dont think its my riding style or lack of practice because i used to play any title on most difficult settings and could win easilly..
    Anyone else agree with me or has the same problem?
  2. I think it's not oversteering, it's undesteering.
    If you agree with me, I have my setup. First two things, which you see when you open the "setup menu" should be changed (I dont remember names, if you dont know - I'll send you photos tomorrow). In the right you can see description of changes, so change bike to be more responsive and oversteer.
    It helps me a bit.
  3. im sorry , of course i mean understeer (it was late and i was frustrated :)
    I tried the setup with my mecanic, but i was not very satisfied..
    I'm gonna try the physics mod.. thank's!
  4. Havn't tried the physics mod yet . I think milestone have gone for a more real type of physics response here. Check out Keith Code in the intranet. His method on how to ride a racing motorcycle ; very fast' ?
    As soon as the bike is turned (ie , you are at full lean .) At least , get the throttle turned on , then winding it progressively . As soon as you are at the apex start to pick the bike up progressively and wind on real hard. The main thing to focus on is 'Keep the throttle on' . If I do this on my real Bike , I could cook a set of road tyres. If I have the throttle off going in or in the corner the bike will run wide.
    Get the braking out of the way , then on the throttle as early as poss.

    The real wild card will go into the corner with the back end stepped out on either rear brake or the throttle :D
  5. Below I uploaded two images with settings, look and check it in the game, it helps a bit :)
    and try to change your TCS system from high or full to low/disable, this helps too

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  6. Not sure about auto tuck as I use manual, but I find that the bike can understeer when I am tucked while going through a corner. When I don't tuck, the knee pops out (on replays), and my line tightens.
  7. That is def understeer ... I never had oversteer in Moto3 class, even in moto2 is hard to make a High-side :D IDK, I barely got trough Moto3 season cause the game has to many bugs and Moto3 races are lagy and have to much FPS drops :thumbsdown: I noticed that I can barely keep up with Miller and Fenati but I thought it's because of the lag :O_o: