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Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Jonix, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, I wanted to edit the AI, to find out way it's 3 seconds faster in race compared to test sessions.
    I found this file in the data.mix, but I've no idea how to edit it. Hex editor can't do it, notepad ++ only show a lot of times the word "NULL". Maybe you can give me some tips.
  2. I was wondering what was going on in the races :mad: I'm on PS4 myself so can't help you, but I hope someone can sort it/they patch it, cos it's ridiculous
  3. I think I found it, now I'm trying to fix the race modifier code
  4. What seems to be the problem?
  5. When you fix it please share your feedback. I have the same problem.
    Uh, and what's about online? Change data.mix makes the online functionality off.
  6. This has to be patched then. On both Hard & Realistic it happens, just tested Moto3,

    Brno AI HARD:
    FP: miller 209881
    Q: miller 209761
    WARM UP:miller 209843
    RACE: fenati: 205412

    Absolute joke
  7. Yeah. Same problem for me.
    FP: miller 206597
    Q: miller 206624
    WARM UP: miller 206595
    RACE: 204612
  9. I'll share what I've discovered:
    -This problem does not affect the realistic difficulty, if you choose "Real" in the settings the lap times remain pretty much the same during all the weekend. (I've only tried this in Le Mans in Moto3 class, but I think it's the same everywhere. I'm going to test elsewhere right now)
    -This problem is caused by the RaceModifier string in the file AI Difficulties.bml.

    Unfortunately, I tried to edit it with no success. Once I repack the DATA.mix file with the edited values, the launcher says the DATA.mix is corrupted. I think the mixfileremixer doesn't work properly on Motogp14.
  10. So in career mode I'm going to have to notch it down to hard, i'll obliterate them in the 3 practice sessions, then the race will be what Realistic should be without this glitch. Sucks you can't change difficulty between sessions
  11. Jonix it does happen in realistic :(
  12. Nathan, I think there's no need to choose the difficulty between sessions, they just have to fix this problem. They have the original non enrycpted files, they just have to change few settings...Milestone will fix this problem easily

    P.S. I'm sorry to hear that, realistic is a little too difficult for me anyway
  13. Yeah it sucks cos I'm now gonna have to wait months for a patch, when I'm excited to play this game now, this has basically ruined career mode for me. Cos other than blocking I get to the race and get destroyed cos of this glitch..
  14. I'm afraid that, even if editing the AI is a matter of minutes, they'll take their time to release a patch, because they won't be fixing just this bug. They have to release the complete bike sets, fix the exit game on pc, fix other crashes on pc (I don't know what problems console versions have). Since I don't think they will release multi single patches, we'll have to wait
  15. Such a shame. Such a little thing, that any basic small amount of testing would make obvious, and they released it to us like this. Shocking
  16. My only guess is that since the 13 game had the opposite problem (AI fast in quali, slow in race) they've tried to fix the problem. But I don't know what's the point of force AI to be faster about 3-4 seconds than in quali
  17. Ye I completely agree mate, if anything drivers/riders (in real life) are a bit slower in the race, qually is more about crazy speed. I'm just gutted. I could as I said just put it on Hard until the patch, I'll get pole every time but the races will be close cos of the glitch.
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  18. I have some progresses, I've got how to replace the original .MIX with a modified one without getting errors, trying to fix the code now
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  19. Nathan, this glitch is not as it seems. The AI goes so fast only for drivers who you can't see. I play in Real, in my first career's race at Brno Miller and Fenati ran on 2:04 (3s faster than pole), I was 14th and drivers around me ran on 2:09.6xx (same time as me). Just fun!
    But..there is a "but": when finally my bike was competitive and I can fight for podium the firsts two had decent lap times! 1 second slower than pole lap, exactly what happen in real life.

    Nathan, just play the game, that "time lap problem" is not a real issue, we can define it like a ghost. It's a not real problem in my opinion!
    Have a good day.
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  20. realitychecked


    Oh, so that's a nice touch by Milestone! Something good at least! Thanks for the information.