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Open a server for pending people?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Michael Ketterer, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. i dont know if this topic was discussed somewhere else but i want to know if there is a server where pending people can play?? im realy pissed of of the public servers maybe it will be a nice idea ? what do you think??

    greetings Michael
  2. so a pending server to wait for the trial server to wait for the racing club server .... :rolleyes:

    I doubt the department would want to spend hardware on that ...
    And it will be kind of a public server to cause everybody could apply and would be able to get pass to the sever .

    Truth is you do will have people only who took the effort to look for a race community , so maybe it would be kind of a preselection oppertunity , but then again , that preselection is the trial server.

    It would be nice though :D i'm pending too :thumb:
  3. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    yeah, we just wait and keep coming here, they've got the point when they say we need to hang around more so we learn how things go down :)
  4. ok i understans what you mean Richard but on this Server the department can see us driving and kick you very soon if you not follow the rules.
    so it will be a trainig server or something like that
    i think we can learn more when we drive of this kind of Server

    okok surely its up to them i think its not the newest idea very sure other like a pending server also

    greetings from Michael with the hope to see you soon on race
  5. Hey Richard i see you have 55 posts so why you are pending?????
    i thought after 25 posts you can drive on the Servers ????
  6. The rules have changed somewhat and there is a time element to applications now.

    On your first point though, in what way would a pending server be any different from a public? Half the people pending may be the wreckers who are ruining your races on the public servers. Even when accepted you and every other new member will be under scrutiny on the trial member servers until they have demonstrated an understanding of the racing ethics the boys round here expect.
  7. OkOK i think i understand you mean a pending Server will be the same like the trial Server.

    Please try to understand me and i think some others, i will drive clean races this is why i come to this forum but ok i understand the rules and i also see why you have strictness rules like this because i have to drive on public Serves and the fun there is realy rare because of bumpers.

    One more question please, you wrote something about a time element? You mean the 25 posts or i did not read all???
  8. I think the other posters have pretty much explained why we don't have additional servers allocated to non members. We are prepared to host the occasional event for Pending Applicants (those who have completed their post count but awaiting their period for approval of their applications).
    Our applications requirements were forced upon us due to recent bad experiences and we are determined to protect our Racing Club members rights to clean, fair, friendly racing here. Anyone who is not prepared to meet these minimal requirements and brief waiting period, is probably not going to fit with Racedepartment anyway. The application requirements are not too severe, 25 meaningful posts over 3 weeks, and a further one month trial period as a Trial member before being considered as a Premium Member. Many of our closed events are available to Trial Members.

    Full details of our Racing Club application procedures and requirements are here:
  9. I'm still relatively new here, so correct me if I'm wrong, but there's nothing stopping you from creating your own server. There might be lag issues if you have a lot of people in the server, but it wouldn't be too bad. You could lock it and PM the password to the pending people. The only bad side is that the server would disappear when the host closes the sim. A way to get around this would be if someone got in the lobby and saw there was no "pending people" server, he would just create one and when he leaves, someone else creates the server using the same name/password.

    However, like Richard explained, there may be wreckers among the pending people, but you could just change the password and not tell that person.
  10. maybe thats an good idea but the problem is im working in vietnam and from here im even not allowed to buy anything from steam ahah so i think to create an Server here is not easy.
    my friend will go to Germany for two weeks holiday and we already discussed about an own Server for waiting people so if we do i will inform you
  11. I agree with some who wish to jump on and get going it can be frustrating - especially for those of us that know we're not wreckers. But I'm all for spending a bit of time reading and posting before joining in if it means that overall I'll have as good a race with guys around me as they do with me.

    It's a bummer that as you say, public servers aren't great while you're waiting, but I think a lot of us here are also racing elsewhere, and that gives us a chance to hone skills and continue driving with 'wreck free' people. My suggestion would be to have a browse what 'teams' or 'groups' are also racing Evo - as most have their own server and hold race nights at time sin the week.

    Probably a good way to practice and also get to know a few people as well :)
  12. Thanks Warren, I couldn't remember whether it was 3 or 4 weeks so I opted for the ambiguous route. All cleared up now though.
  13. Hello Matt
    very sure i drive on the open Server and sometimes it is an realy good race * ok Seldom* i think all off you have the same expirience about this Servers.
    i also see its a hard training there and i also see i get faster and faster and i see the air in front of ( ok on 4 up to the 7 place ) is much easier to breath haha.
    at least its frustrating when you are on the 4 place ( even when its the first time juhu ) and somebody drive the wrong way and kill you frontal but you are all right you all must do the same way so surely i agree with all the rules
    Thanks Richard i got it and read it and try to follow *smile*

    Greetings Michael
  14. I'd hate all gentleman racers (racedepartment folk) going to password protected servers, so I try to defend public races a bit..

    I don't know which public servers you guys see people driving the wrong way..

    You (usually) get a good race on public server if you qualify in top5 and brake so late in the first corner that nobody can ram your behind. If you don't qualify, you have to race with people who are more like arcade racers.

    I think having a good race on public servers is 50% luck and 50% awareness. Every time you get "owned" by someone, think what YOU could of done differently.

    Build up awareness. Constantly look to mirrors and think what's the worst thing guy behind or front of you could do. To a some degree, you CAN avoid ramming. It just depends on how agressive YOU want to be.

    And yes, I too get frustated to wreckers. Should just be calm, like a Zen Master. -)
  15. When I'm racing in the public servers I usually will tap my break way early to remind the guy behind me that he has breaks and the time to use them is before you enter a turn.

    Sometimes it works...but sometimes they end up flying off the track laterally because they think you're breaking too early and they dodge you. Not a bad tactic. If you can make the first couple of turns then you can usually pull away from those nuts.
  16. Maybe it would be good idea to qual so "badly" so I start from last position. Maybe then I can avoid ramming... Gonna try this! (at public servers)
  17. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    i hate in public servers when the lights go out, and the guy in front of me doesn't start, he stands still, and the guy behind me rams my car like a madman...

    public servers are heads or tails, you never know the kind of opponents you're going to get...
  18. Sometimes im really happy to start as the slowest car behind all because im save there and after the first corner you surely will be in middle field because of accident

    i have no problems if accident happens its racing but i hate if childish people go into the race for bumping or or if they are not under the first 3 they left the race i feel realy unrespected because i try to give my best if im on the 10 or 20 place.
    im realy happy when i can finsih a race but in the last round a lot of people left the race so you dont know which place you realy get.
    these are things i dont like but have to tolerate it at the moment.

  19. exactly! if someone in 4th makes a mistake and ends up in the dirt, they quite immediately. I always fight til the very end, even if my suspension is destroyed and I can only corner at 20mph