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Cars Opel Kadett C GTE +S1 + S2"Yellow Psycho III" 0.96

Opel kadett c pack: stock,16V and V8 have fun

  1. eboo submitted a new resource:

    Opel Kadett C GTE +S1 + S2"Yellow Psycho III" - Opel kadett c pack: stock,16V and V8 have fun

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  2. jlnprssnr


    How accurate are the physics, did you get data from Risse Motorsport or is it just guesswork? 3D work is epic either way!
  3. Please report bug there.
    Now we found:
    -blur on s2 wheel
    -some holes in s2
    Unfortunately I could not get along with Hoffman, I do not know German, I did not provide me the data, if any of you know the German and wants napisaćdo him and get the data it would be nice
  4. Blur on S2 wheel? typo? I have blur on the S2 but not the S1

    -S1 Driver arm bow goes thru the door at some part of the driver anim
    -blur on S1 wheel ;)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
  5. I confirm
  6. Wow the S2 version is incredible, good job Eboo !
  7. Hi, firstly thanks for this car! At last something to race the Escort! I gave the Escort a quick spin first then jumped into the GTE_s1 for a 5 min spin(only one I have got to so far around Silverstone National). The suspension seems far to stiff, I broke the far side front wheel somehow so it was pointing at a 90 degree angle after 1/2 a lap (I was trying to drift it at the time, badly! went on grass and it broke). The force feed back needed turning down to 70% as it was far to strong on my G27. LOD issue with only the driver seen on the track with no car (approx. 200m away?)
  8. I had trouble running the opel_kadett_GTE_s2 in the server. It would just go back to menu screen. opel_kadett was fine and loaded up, is it the CAPS causing issues?
  9. thx!
    escort have 25% diff lock, kadett 45%(stock opel diff lock), lods on development
    i'm working on it now-i try fix it as fast as posibble!
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  10. Thanks for the prompt work;)
  11. Nice Mod. I drove that car when I was young.
    Is it only me, having no brake and front lights ?
  12. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium

    The 16V has lights.
    The V8 hillcimb monster not.
    Haven't tried the standard spec yet though.
  13. Hi,

    me and my group want create a championship with this car, we want do custom skins.

    is it possible to have the body templates?
  14. sure,gimp file will be ok?
  15. Jempy


    Should't it be better to export the .xcf file in Photoshop .psd file, eboo ?

    This way, both Gimp and Photoshop might easily open them.

    NB: I'm always doing so when preparing templates for GTR2.
  16. If is possible i want Tempate to. i have 2-3 idea for skin and GIMP file or .psd is good for me.

    And thx for the update.
  17. here is a template:
    If you do some cool skins, please send it to me, I will add to the car and the credits at the next update. At what car do you plan an event? Car's havent lod yet- i can prepere faster lod to you
  18. Ok when its finished, i send you all skin. For the Template its perfect, thank you.
  19. The S2 version has the head showing up in first person view. Didn't notice it on the other two versions, but could be there aswell.
    The S2 version appears to have a black smudge across the windshield. When driving underneath a bridge the windshield becomes clear for a second, and dark directly after getting into the sun again. Kunos cars have a white (yellow-ish) smudge.

    Lots of fun to drive all the versions, but as previously mentioned the suspension is very stiff. While I almost broke my wheel when driving the stock and S1 versions (stock was noticably softer but still very stiff), the S2 version on the other hand was almost as if the track had no bumps. This could be intentional, but it feels wrong.

    The model looks great, and it's awesome to finally drive this!