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Online rFactor Parser for Results

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Primoz Makselj, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    I developed a simple API, which displays race results of your rFactor races on online - results webpage.
    After you finish the race, you simply load the .xml file and the application will automatically parse the results of the race. :cool:
    This will make much easier work for race organizers ;)

    The current version supports rFactor only, but it will have rFactor2 support built in upon it's release. A modification to work with GTR3 and iRacing is also possible but not yet confirmed.

    You can try it here: online-results.net

    Hope you like it... :D
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  2. Thank you,

    Its working fast.
  3. TNX,

    I have to fix one thing...races on time doesnt`t work yet...soon :)
    Now only works on races with laps...
  4. Some improvements

    - track length
    - laps
    - fastest lap
    - fastest lap / driver
    - driver in game (move mouse over driver)
    - qualifying position (move mouse over driver)
    - time record on race (move mouse over driver)
    - laps did it (move mouse over driver)
    - pitstops (move mouse over driver)


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