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Offline Setup Program

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dan Coldrick, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Dan Coldrick

    Dan Coldrick

    Just wondering if there is a program that you can use to create/compare setups, I'm looking at comparing setups that I've downloaded to the default/ones I create to see the differences.

    For example I downloaded one of Attila's setups for the leon@ Valencia and I find it amazing, I can get consistent 1.43's/42's and I would like to compare with the defaults so I can learn to make my own. I know you can do it in game but it would be easier to compare offline.


  2. Yves Sterckx

    Yves Sterckx

    I was asking myself the same question yesterday.
  3. Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans

    i was gonna write an app to do this... had a bunch of ideas for it... i'm a lazy coder...
  4. Neil Gault

    Neil Gault

    well you can just open them with notepad, but yes there is a program that was made for gtr or was it gtr2 files:question: i forget which but it could be something to look into, i will try and remember what it was called but right now i have brain fade:thinking:
  5. Simon Trendell

    Simon Trendell

    I've got something that reads them sort of, problem at the moment it can't distinguish between multiple Caster etc values for each corner of the car..

    I was going to work on it but had other things to do>