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Offline install runs GREAT, but Online Steam install gets RUNTIME VS C+ error

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Don Fleming, May 14, 2010.

  1. The offline install Works great, very nice race sim! The fact that it runs with very good FPS and clarity tells me I'm fine with DirectX and other possible issues with Game install.

    Now leaving the Offline install asis, I try the Online install (Steam as I understand it)
    That install fails about 2 minutes in while doing a DirectX install. It fails with MS message Box titled "MS C+ Runtime Library", and in it says "Runtime Error!...."). It leaves just a 43mb folder on my PC. I must need other content its not finding on my PC, or conflicts with something..

    * Very unlike related, but I Am installing both to C:\Documents and Settings\Famly Account\My Documents\Installed Apps\ (rather then C:\Program Files) so I can race while logged on with "Limited Account" (Not Admin account)

    >> Also, so curious, about this tidbit:
    On this site http://www.outofeight.info/2009/10/race-on-review.html , they say
    “With Race On, You can join any server that is running RACE 07 or STCC in addition to RACE On, which serves to prevent gaming community fragmentation”.
    >> So I can plan on running Race 07 server racing with my Race On game install?

    Thx & All
    Wa St., USA
  2. J-F Chardon

    J-F Chardon
    SimBin Studios Premium

    The online installation must be linked to Steam.

    So I guess that if you try installing it somewhere else, it won't work.

    1/ Install Steam if not already done
    2/ Add your race'07 cd key to steam (steam game list, there's a button to add a game to steam, it will ask your your cd key)
    3/ Try to install from the dvd

    if it still fails:
    4/ Try to download from steam and see if it works.
  3. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Update your .NET runtimes. (Do this with administrator priviliges - http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/0/f/60fc5854-3cb8-4892-b6db-bd4f42510f28/dotnetfx35.exe

    But you are installing with admin rights still?

    Both Race on and STCC are addons to race 07. Both have included updates and fixes to race 07 so although thew game is essentially a new title it carries forward with it the old content too. When you run a server for any of the games be it Race 07, STCC, GTR Evo, Or race on it is always the Race07 dedicated server app that runs it.

    When you get your install running, visit your Steam/Steamapps/<your nick>/ folder and you will see only the folder for race 07 but you will have all the content :)
  4. Thanks Dave & All.

    To recap this I'm gettn a bit tired of:
    Unable to install STEAM piece (Online install), fails with MicroSft message Box titled "MS Vis C+ Runtime Library", in it "Runtime Error!.. The app. Has rqstd the Runtime to terminate, pls contact the app supp team..”

    Am doing all from Admin acct logins

    Did pursue the DotNet updt as suggested: Dnld'd frm http://download.microsoft.com/downlo...dotnetfx35.exe
    Tried on both PC's it fails to install. The size for install part way in showed 0kb..
    So, found this one, http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/netframeworkdownload.html
    Saved and ran thru AOK
    Confirmed I have recent .Net & Framework as shown in Add/Rmv pgms.

    As for STEAM: Have tried same install on now a 2nd PC. Both are w/ Win Xp SP2, and very healthy, 1 & 3 yrs old. I’m no newb with PC’s and all.
    On the 2nd PC, tried STEAM install into C:\Program Files, before offline install attempted, got same error after a minute or two

    Back to primary PC, the newer one.
    Removed the partial STEAM install (43mb) using Add/Rmv pgms
    Found forums.steampowered.com, one post said remove FLASH, so I removed Adobe Flash.
    Similar Reinstall attempt, with same error

    Did send a request for help 2 days ago to mail@viva-media.com which is shown on install sheet in DVD’s box. No response yet.
    Bought the brand new game from Amazon 1 week ago for $30.

    Wanting to join in on RaceDept’s Sunday RDTCC league next Season, hoping to get thru this before too long.
    Appreciate suggestions on fixing or where to pursue help.

  5. OK, shorter post this time...

    I did review my ADD/RMV pgms list, seeing quite a variety of .NET Framework (1.1 – 184mb, 2.0 SP2 – 178mb, 3.5 SP1 – 28mb), AND MS Visual C++ 2005 Restributable (4 entries for it, all 10mb or less).

    Maybe I should remove some of these, Not sure why I need all I admit..

    Thx & All
  6. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    The latest version contains legacy support for the older ones. Programs written at different times over the last few years will have been built to target the older framework versions so the legacy support for old functions is required. I'm not sure that they are usually listed seperately, althoug I believe that at least 1.1 will always be a seperate entity, and I have a lot of stuff that depends on it.

    As for the others I will check what I have in mine when I get to my main comp, my results might be thrown a little though by the fact I have the full SDK versions installed and not the re-dists and the extra bits and bobs that come with VS.
  7. Well, have scoured the web for others reporting this, posted at a STEAM support forum (that gets posts by the minute from all steam users using big mainstream games). No response I admit frm that forum.

    For now, still real pleased with rFactor as Historics leagues are ramping up well (have practiced with some) and thats an awesome mod. ALso, tonite ran LMP2 racing with MNRL league with some GREAT battling.

    However, really liking WTCC & Race On, so staying tuned to anything more to try.
    A new mention: Both PC's have DirectX 9.0c as needed; Both had their startup modified by the Steam Install which gave then caused the same nasty VS RunTime error when restarting. I've now easily removed the chkmark in msconfig startup tho to stop that.
  8. Try to update/repair the MS VC++ libraries here:

    Your error message indicates that your VC++ libraries/general Windows configuration are somewhat messed up. Also a small reminder since you have the problem on all your computers: Don't use an AV-tool when installing system components or drivers, sometimes they cause strange errors due interfering with the main installer.
  9. Thx Dave.
    About the AV tool reference, You're saying I turn off Norton NIS when installing Steam?

    A work around: My Plan C worked - I have a dual boot PC, has WIN VISTA on other boot sector, and I have Steam all working fine in VISTA. Game installed too, works great.

    Have not been able to join in & race with the big RACE ON Group in steam that shows 30+ players In-Game (actively racing). I've joined the Group OK. I'm supposed to join the Server racing from within Steam? (button or link showing). Maybe I launch the game separately and it has multi player enabled? Will try that next. Will review manual some more too..

  10. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    there is currently no support for launching inot servers like you can with counter-strike etc.. for Race 07 or the addons. You will need to launch the game and go to the multiplayer menu and launch the game room manually from there.