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Odd problem

Discussion in 'RBR Mods' started by Kol Bailey, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. I am just reinstalling all of my RBR stuff and I have come to the track pack. When I'm installing it, the installer keeps stopping every few minutes saying that certain files are corrupt. They are 146 map textures, 147 map textures, etc. I don't know if there are anymore "corrupted" files because I didn't want to wait around because it was taking ages. Anyone know what this problem is? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  2. Well, off the top of my head I'd say that some packs are corrupt. Really can't see why the installer would tell you such things only for a laugh. :)

    So check the md5 checksums with http://download.rallyesim.fr/download.php?Fichier=VoirMD5.exe, and re-download the packs that don't match.

    How to use VoirMD5.exe:
    1) Launch the utility
    2) Drag one stage pack file onto the utility window and wait until it shows the md5 sum.

  3. Ignore post.

  4. I've re-intalled all the .bin files and none of them match.....This is weird. (Except the first one).