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Nvidia low frame problem

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Carsten Jacobi, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    I think it is a known issue. My friend has a Intel CPU with a GTX 560TI and can get only under 30 frames with high settings, even when he lowers the resolution. Wit medium settings he still gets about 30 frames max. The funny thing is, MSI afterburner shows the gpu usage around only 30% and clockspeed drops automatically to 405 mhz ingame, while the card has a normal clockspeed of 830mhz in menu. It's like the gpu isn't correct recognized and therefor doesn't get in gamemode.

    For comparison, I have a GTX 460 OC to 870mhz with a AMD Phenom x965 and I'm getting avg. 60fps at 1680x1050 with 4xmsaa and all settings to Ultra.

    Any ideas, what my freind can do about it?

  2. Use the River Tuner and configure the clock manually. I had the same problem with an ATI card, once.
  3. In Nvidia control panel, try setting Power management mode to Prefer Maximum Performance. Try it in this game's profile first and if that doesn't work, try changing it in global settings.
  4. The game is also very processor dependant. If you have a quad core or better, you should be able to get around 60fps. If you have a dual core, you will only get around 30fps.

    I have a 3.2 dual core with GTX 460 and it peaks at 30fps. I will try the performance setting, but I am no optimistic that it will work, as I think I've tried this before.
  5. I've got a Core 2 Quad Q6600. Quad core, 2.4ghz, and seem to be limited to 30fps while my 9600 GT's utilization peaks at 60%. And as this is a desktop, I've already tweaked the power management settings for the best performance possible. :(
  6. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Phenom x4 955 / GTX460 - 65fps

    after my litle upgrade:

    i5 2500k / GTX460 - 70 fps

    It must be a dual core thing or something els, who knows
  7. It seems, that switching the audio to software did the trick. Now my friend is getting avg. 50fps, which seems ok, cause he has an older Intel Core to Quad running with his GTX560TI.
  8. there are two sound systems available for the game, both are software based (software & raptor). I actually bought a sound card for my pc for F1 2010, in the hopes that it would run faster, I later discovered that the card I had bought was not compatible for the game ><
  9. For him changing from raptor to software boosted his frames
  10. My system:
    Game/System: Processor Intel Core 2 DUO E8500 @ 4.0 - EVGA nForce 680i (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 - 4x2GB Corsair DDR2 800 C5 DIMMs - Evga 580GTX - Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer - Seagate 200 GB, Seagate 300 GB
    Philips 247E LPH - Enermax 600 Watt - Windows XP Home Edition.

    Did a dual-boot XP and Windows 7

    Windows 7 : average beginning of a race 36 FPS and XP 76 FPS wooow !!!! what a difference same settings !!

    So XP is still the best gamer :thumb:
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  11. Can't be Nvidia-related, I have a GTX 55TI, getting 80fps. CPU-related, I'd say. What CPU exactly is he running?

    Change the hardware_settings.config to use workermap4core.xml, and set the processors to 3-3-1-0-2-3 in instead of 1-1-0-0-0-1 in the same section.
  12. I see you are on the same CPU I have. looks like XP still is the win.
  13. I think that's because xp doesn't support dx 11
    I got i5 2500k 4gb ram and gtx580 on ultrahigh with hd mod to all cars and some tracks like monaco i got avg 40 fps in benchmark on 1920x1080 which seems a bit low for me
    also sometimes i have freezes during playing, gonna try changing raptor to software hope its gonna help
  14. it's tottaly helps got 72 avg fps instead of 40
  15. Yeah that does seem a bit low for your specs. I have similar specs (i7 2600k, 8gb ram, GTX 580) and I average 87 fps in the benchmark with the same resolution.
  16. actually hd textures making point i think mb 4gb ram isn'n enough?