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Automobilista Racing Club (LIVE))

Mods NVIDIA Ford Fiesta RS WRC 1.0

for Fiesta WRC

  1. Hey, awesome work on this livery. Can i ask how you produced those pictures in the description where the car's against the black background? It looks brilliant. :cool: I've made my own livery for the Impreza and would love to have some pictures like this for the upload.
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  2. those pics are produced by 3D rendering. i use KeyShot in this case.
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  3. Ah, awesome! There was someone on the Codemasters forum doing some similar renders but he was using 3DS Max instead. Is it possible you could give me a quick lesson on how to import the model into KeyShot and do a basic render? ;)
  4. I downloaded the software but can't work out how to import the model, perhaps there's some kind of conversation process to do before that. :O_o: